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Scarface: The World is Yours
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Scarface: The World Is yours
Published by: FinalCloud on 2007-01-15
Page Views: 2700
Rating: 9/10

Say ello to ma little friend.......

One of the best films of all time arrives with the force of a ten tonne rhino onto the consoles, making its transition from film to game. Scareface: The World Is Yours, follows the life of the notorious Tony Montana, the Cuban drug lord, in his quest to control all of Miami. The game itself was always destined for good things and the script for the game comes from non other than famed screenwriter David McKenna, who's other works include Blow and American History X. Follow Tony as he wheels, deals and claws his way back to the top!

Ok, so its another 3rd person, drive and shoot frenzy, but it works really well. It employs a couple of innovative features to enhance the game, not least is the Rage Meter. The Rage Meter shows you how angry Tony is getting at the enemies around him. To fill it, you taunt the victims! Yes thats right, you increase your balls by taunting and intimidating enemies until your Rage Meter is filled and when it is, bang! Tony enters a Blind Rage, mowing down all that stand in front of him. Better yet, every victim that falls under Tony's Blind Rage actually increases your health!! Its a system that works really well and you'll find yourself taunting everyone and everything in your path! In terms of weaponry and firing, the game employs a lock-on system, allowing you to adjust whereabouts on the enemy you hit. There is a huge variety of weapons, cars, boats, businesses and employee's for Tony to utilise, all in his quest to be the best.

The missions are in depth and challenging with plenty of side missions to keep you occupied. Intimidating drug dealers, selling coke and purchasing businesses increases your reputation. The higher it gets, the more there is available to you, but the more attention you get from cops and rival gangs. This game will have you hooked.

Very similar to GTA. You have your basic movement, action, jump and sprint features and a quick tap of B after every victim helps to fill your Rage Meter. Anyone used to the GTA series will pick this up and start playing instantly. Car control is responsive and accurate, definitely better than its other film counterpart, The Godfather. Each vehicle has its own sense of speed and style, with a wide variety to choose from. Standard lock with left trigger and fire with right remains and as always, works really well. The controls are fluid and easy to master.

First of all, the voice acting in this game is perfect. At first I thought it was Al Pacino actually doing the voice for Tony, it was that accurate. In The Godfather, the audio let the game down. I am pleased to say thats not the case here. In vehicles (much like GTA) you have various styles of music you can choose to play, from Reggae to Heavy Metal, Pop to Soul you are bound to find something you like. It reminds me a lot of the Vice City soundtrack, that kind of 70's/80's feel to it. Audio wise, its near faultless, providing you find something you like!

So, overall, what do I think? Scarface: The World Is Yours is an excellent game and a clear and definite contender for the GTA crown. Sierra (of Half Life fame) has done a wonderful job in transitioning this film to game and all of the elemenets slot together nicely to make a well rounded and enjoyable game. Just one thing though, if you're not the greatest fan of bad language, this DEFINITELY isn't for you. Right from the outset, the game isn't frightened to use the F word, a lot. Not one for kids. Apart from that, finally, a game worthy of the film. Go out and buy it, you won't regret it!


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Scarface: The World Is yours
published by FinalCloud on 2007-01-15
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