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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:29 am   
Post subject: MY XBOX!
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Hello to everyone!
I am new recruitment and i would like to say i had PS1 and PS2 all the times but i never had an Xbox few weeks ago i bought 3 xbox on ebay and i fixed them and i really like this fantastic console! Very Happy


I submitted my skin for UnleashX and i wanted to ask how much time i need to wait to verify my skin?
Thank you

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Post Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:39 pm   
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If you mean you uploaded your skin here it wont show in the downloads until one of the Admins approves it.

You can also if you like upload it HERE to have it added to the GREPO and HQ Downloader

You should post some screenshots so people can see how it looks.

As for your reddit question an SSD is a waste. You will see ZERO performance increase compared to an IDE or SATA HDD becauyse the IDE interface will bottle neck it. And you will just be paying a premium price for non premium performance. No matter what IDE 7200RPM is the best performer you will get on XBOX

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Post Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:59 am   
Post subject: Re: MY XBOX!
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BLKIV wrote:
I submitted my skin for UnleashX and i wanted to ask how much time i need to wait to verify my skin?
Thank you


Your skin has been published.. Smile Thanks for submitting.

Tokyo Night BLKIV UnleashX Skin:

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Post Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:38 pm   
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I'm just re-downloading that new skin for UnleashX as I believe there may be a problem with RAR compression (type?) used.

I checked and the skin unpacks on PC using 7Zip or whatever no problem. The trouble for me occurred when I'd copied the still compressed RAR and tried to open it on the Xbox as I normally do. (UnleashX file manager).

I had an error message about the file being corrupt.

After copying the 'corrupt' file back to the PC I found I could still open it with 7Zip no problem.

I've Zip-ped the contents with 7Zip instead and I'll try opening that on the Xbox along with the fresh downloaded RAR-ed file but that won't be until tomorrow.

Obviously you can unpack it on PC and transfer it afterwards but I thought I should mention this problem because I have read that the Xbox can have some issues with unpacking certain RARed files. This may be an example but I've never come across this problem myself until now.

If somebody else can test this themselves it would be useful because it would confirm or otherwise whether the problem is with the RAR or something to do with my Xbox system or file transfer method.


Just confirmed the problem. A fresh download and new transfers of both that and the original RAR download produced the same "corrupt file error" message when trying to unpack either of them on the Xbox.

NB. This was on two different Xboxes, using two different UnleashX dash versions on both. As this is an UnleashX skin I did not try using XBMC. Whether that can even unpack RARs I do not know. It does do Zips and for various reason sometimes can unpack ones with which UnleashX has problems.

The file I made of the RAR contents unpacked and then zipped on PC, using 7Zip, unpacked perfectly on the Xbox on any UnleashX das and Xbox.

So definitely an issue with the RAR packing.

BTW I like the skin; I'm not a fan of FMV based ones for a variety of reasons but this is a better choice of background subject than many. It doesn't interfere with the main function of the dashboard: maintaining a clear, easily readable GUI.

I would have done some of the menu elements' positioning and sizing differently but that's just me. Smile

Good work.

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