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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:01 pm   
Post subject: Uncovered my ancient modded Xbox
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When I was young free and single I bought myself an Xbox, and a solderless mod chip, installed evoX, Linux, and was generally very pleased with my l33t hacking skills.

Then I moved to a different country and it languished in my parents garage for a decade.

Now I've got it back, and am wondering what to do with it. I assume it still works, but haven't powered it up yet. In the intervening decade the controllers and all the games have been lost. So, some questions :
Where can I get some cheap controllers? Don't have to be Xbox original Microsoft ones, but if anyone knows a good source please let me know!
Having no games anymore means I'll have to find alternative solutions. I assume it's not OK to ask for specifics in that regard, but a bigger harddisk is on the cards. What's good, in terms of makes, models, sizes?
I have a mod chip, but can't remember which one. I know it was solderless. When I get a chance I'll open to see. Is it worth doing a softmod too?
There's a USB socket poking out the back, clearly related to the mod. Can't remember what it's for. A keyboard / mouse?
Presumably the scene has developed since 2006, what should I be installing these days?


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Xbox-HQ Member
Xbox-HQ Member

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Post Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:01 am   
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Since you have a modchip brand doesnt really matter for hard drive you only need certain ones for softmod. Stick to quality brands like WD, Seagate and Samsung and try to get an IDE HDD. SATAs do work but its a bit of a hassle to use SATA drives. Need certain adapters, a special IDE cable etc.

As for games as long as its not one thats been rereleased for 360 or X1 I doubt anybody would really care. Kinda hard to cost a company a sale on something they dont sell anymore Wink Plus there is always emulators like KIxxx1.2, ZSNEXBOX, XJaguar, Final Burn Legends, EPCSXBOX etc.

The USB would either be for plugging in a 4GB or less thumb drive or as you surmised a keyboard/mouse. UnleashX supports most Logitech wireless USB keyboard/mouse combos along with many others.

For software you would want either UnleashX or XBMC as dash (and XBMC as an app if its not your dash) DVD2XBOX if UnleashX isnt your dash so you can rip games to HDD. Enigmah to play out of region games if UnleashX isnt your dash.

Thats pretty much everything off the top of my head

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