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Post Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:19 am   
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Auto Installer Deluxe http://www.aidtracker.com./ Should be so popular around the modding community, I can't believe it isn't within every search I used on google when searching for tutorials.
I began my quest to mod several xbox's in the year 2007. Believe it or not the first time I've heard of modding at all was the age of the playstion.
The first xbox I had was modded for me by the cousin of a guy I work with and I paid some guy I have never seen $350 to mod it for me after spending $200 at Sams Club on a brand new v1.6b I believe this was in 2005 or 2006. The xbox came with 2 controllers and a dvd remote.
Any way till this day I am so disgusted with the amount of money I spent on that xbox. Think of what I could do with $550 today. ahh stupid. Long story short the idiot who installed it bought the cheapest damn modchip (smartxx opx se)he could and the cheapest damn harddrive as well. He put a samsung 200gb hdd which got eaten up quick, because this guy filled it with games (I suppose the illegal transfer of copied games was not on his conscience) I suppose he thought he was giving me a deal, but I ended up deleting all thoughs games anyway on accident, one drunken day of christmas 2008.
I wish I still had thoughs roms. There were some pretty cool homebrew snes, sega, and snes games he included that I've never seen before and probabley never again. For example I remember a sonic the hedgehog in the original mario and a mario in the original sonic the hedge hog.
To continue with the story I went on playing this xbox bringing it to friends houses and family members to show how cool it was. The next thing I know the green and red christmas lights started happening everytime I turned the dang thing on. I got the chip resoldered by the guy and he told me he would charge me the next time he had to resolder it.
It happened again and I then went ahead took my xbox apart and tried to figure out what the problem was. I ended up trying to solder the dange smartxx with a 90 watt soldering iron and guess what, that iron was so powerful it burned a hole in my board. So now I could not even use the xbox at all.

I ended up returning the xbox with a warranty I purchased and got another one. Ironic, they never check the seals at the bottom of the xbox. So I guess I got away lightly. Twisted Evil Cool
To shorten the story, I started buying more xbox's used online and from GameSTOP when they were getting lowered in price at just $80 a pop in 2007. I bought the solderless smartxx and xecuter 3 ce package from divineo.com and now I have 5 modded xbox's one is a pretty cool halo edition.
After spending 2 years reading crap off of afterdawn.com and xbox-scene.com I got no where. I've tried everything from xbins or trying to enter xbins without getting banned and entering slayer.com to get a hold of the All in one installer or slayers disc, but I wasn't going to settle for evox it just is not as good as UnleashX. Besides that the slayers site was filled with admins ranting and hating every question I had. I could not stay there long without feeling insulted by the way they treated us NEWBS. They treat NEWBS everywhere in fact like cow dung, but not here on xbox-hq.com. I never could get ahold of that slayers disc the site admins put people on a waiting list or some shit and you had to be a platnum member to get to there most sacred slayers disc. I don't remember what it cost, but I was not willing to pay for something I might not be able to get. Besides I can't even find the slayers website anymore.
Anyway I would later find out after searching practically two years for answers on how to mod, what I really needed to find flash software for my modchip. But where is the software? I started looking for hacked flash software I could find in a .bin file format. I had downloaded a bunch of unlabled crap from xbins and afterward I had know Idea what to do with any of it. I needed to figure out how to burn the software to a cd and how to get my xbox to read the disc so I could flash with Evox M8 137 plus. I began to get stuck in certain areas suchas how do I unlock the hdd to install the eeprom onto my 500gb and smartxx v3 has a copy 1 to 1 device on the modchip that helped me a great deal with simplifying that.
I've seen this site, but thought I originally needed to pay to download what I was looking for. So anyway after what I thought was I may be taking a risk. I know without the V.I.P. I would have never been able to find the Auto Intaller Deluxe package.
The very first post I had, was a little awkward. I showed some concern for this site, I do apoligize for the way it may sound.
I just want to say though I am impressed out of the 2 years of searching for software I have seen nothing like this site. It's more than a community of modders it's a club or brotherhood. People get to know each other here. Without DJB we would not have some of the awsome stuff this site puts out. THIS SITE AND DJB SOFTWARE SHOULD BE MAKING BIG MONEY IN MY OPINION. Auto Intaller Deluxe is what brought me into the modding world. I was able to figure everything out once I was able to get the bios cd to load on my samsung dvd drives. Good work to all the members, admins, programers, and DJB for putting together the best site in xbox history. http://www.aidtracker.com./
I used Utorrent to download all the torrents on this site. I want to thank whomever for making this all in one disc so accessible to anyone in the torrent community. There will never be a console like the original xbox again sad to say. It is the best modding and homebrew console yet.

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