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PC Config for FTP to XBOX

Published by forahobby on 2004-04-05
Category: Networking | Page Views: 63,398

Update Please read my updated tutorial here:
- http://www.xbox-hq.com/html/xbox-tutorials-204.html


Ok.. I got this pm from maddogtime when he first got his xbox and he loved the explaination so much he posted it again in the forums..

I've been trying to gain access to my xbox via ftp but it just wont connect I keep getting 'timed-out' every time..

My ftp is: - doesnt it just use port 21 ??
I've tried both with IE and FLashFXP and it doesnt work



1. click start menu
2. select 'run'
3. type in 'cmd' (winxp,2000) or type in 'command' for win95/98 etc
4. type 'ipconfig /all' or 'winipconfig'
5. it will show you all your pc network settings.
6. write them down
7. my home pc ip is with a subnet of So just use this as a example.
8. I have my xbox setup with a static ip address of '' with a subnet of '' and a gateway of ''. And have the static switch under xbox setting switched to 'YES' static..
9. reboot your xbox

- if you are connecting directly from your network card to your xbox you should be using a crossover.
- if you are connecting from your hub/switch router etc to your xbox use a normal rj45 network lead..

my flashfxp settings:
ip: Port: 21
user: xbox
pass: xbox

press the 'f5' key to refresh when connected..

I have added a new tutorial to explain everything in basic details for everyone wanting to network their pc and a xbox.. :)

Please read my updated tutorial here: - http://www.xbox-hq.com/html/xbox-tutorials-204.html

Im sure it will help all of you immensly.. Enjoy HQ and we hope you like all the hard work we do.

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