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Superman: The Man of Steel
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Superman Returns
Published by: FinalCloud on 2007-01-16
Page Views: 2121
Rating: 4/10

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, its Superman......

Personally though, I would've been a bit more impressed if it was a bird or a plane as Superman Returns fails to live up to the film. Superman Returns is a game that has an immense amount of potential but just never seems to achieve. The game deviates from the film plot and even introduces new and exciting villians, but you always have the feeling that there must be more. The game lacks the depth and style that made the film a huge sucess and gamers are going to find themselves getting very bored, very quickly.

The repetitive and unlikeable gameplay ruins everything for this game. Flying around with the man of steel is like putting a helmet on your head and ramming into a brick wall over and over again. The stale fight scenes get old very quickly and the incredibly frustrating boss battles fail to excite you. You blunder your way from one bad guy to the next, hitting every building possible as you attempt to navigate our hero through the city. The game lacks one vital element which may have held it together slightly better, the storyline. Basically, there is none. What happens is you fly around, wait for some robots or dragons to pop up, you beat them, then fly around some more until some dragons or robots pop up again. The best thing this game does, is portray the element of super speed, you really can whip around very quickly. The unfortunate thing is, given this huge open world, EA just really didn't put enough into it. You can fly and run at super speed, but there's really nothing to do.

The controls aren't too bad to get to grips with. Buttons for heat vision, freeze breath, fly, speed etc are all easy to use and master, but the game is almost too simplistic. I would have liked to have a seen a beter variety of combos and better super moves, but again, its all too repetitive. For bosses and harder enemies, you tend to find yourself button bashing instead of executing a perfectly timed combo and finishing move.

I'd love to say that this film has the same warmth and feel to it as the film did, with a rich orchestra playing deep and commanding tunes. I'd really love to say it, but I can't. Basically, its average, with sound effects that fail to capture the presence of the man of steel. The voice acting is adequate but again, there's no excitement and at times, its all a bit too overdramatic. Thats not to say that its bad, but for a company like EA (who have smash's like BLACK and NFS under their belt) they should have done much better.

So, overall, what do I think? This is just another bad game in a long line of bad games for the Superman series. With boring and repetitive gameplay, an over simplistic style, poor audio and average graphics this game just doesn't impress me at all. Can it really be so hard to produce a decent game based on one of the best Superheroes of all time. Well, aparently so. For such a respected company, EA will fail to excite even the most loyal Superman fans with this latest installment.


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Superman Returns
published by FinalCloud on 2007-01-16
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