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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Original Xbox Download  Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis - Unlock Codes Original Xbox Downloads

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis - Unlock Codes
Published by: homer2004 on 2004-01-31
Page Views: 4551
Rating: 10/10

Impossible Mission:
While playing game, press R, Right(4), R. All missions, exercises, and Site B will be unlocked.

Guaranteed Immunity:
While playing a game, hold L + R and repeatedly tap Up. Dinosaurs will no longer get sick. In the PAL version of the game, press Up(2), R, L, Up(2) while playing game.

Gimme Some Money:
While playing game, press L + Up, L + Down. $10,000 will be added to your finances.

Where's The Money?
While playing game, press L + R, Down. Your finances will be reduced to zero. Alternately, press L, R, L, R, Down(2) while playing game.

Market Day
While playing game, press L + R + Down. The market will now be instantly restocked with fossils. Alternately, press Down, L, R, Down while playing game.

All Research:
While playing game, press Down(3), Left, Right, L, Down, Up. Everything will be researched.

Open To The Public
While playing game, press Left, Down, Right, Up, L + R, L + R. You can now select your three digsites without the required stars.

Sequencing Error
While playing game, press Down, R + Up. This will set all dinosaur DNA to 55%.

While playing game, press R, Up, R, Right, L, Down. This will set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 100%.

While playing game, press R + L, Left, Down, Right(2). You can now shoot from the safari cars by using the camera.

Rampage Time
While playing game, press L(3), Left(3). All carnivores will become stressed.

While playing a game, hold L + R and repeatedly tap Up, Down, Up, Down. One of your safari cars will blow up. Alternately, press R, L, Up, Down, Up, Down while playing game.

Oh No!
While playing a game, hold R and press Right, Left, Right, Left, Right. All tourists will die. Alternately, press Left, Right, Left, Right, R while playing game.

Isla Muerta
While playing game, press R(3), L, Right. Dinosaurs will now appear to be the living dead.

Hot One:
While playing game, press R + Down, R + Down. A heat wave will occur.

Welcome To Melbourne:
While playing game, press R(2), L, R, Down, Up, Down. The weather will get stormy.

No Twisters
While playing a game, hold L + R and press Left, Right. Release L + R, then press L + R again during game play. Alternately, press Left, Right, L, R while playing game.

While playing game, press Left, Up, Right, Down, L + R. A twister will appear on the island.

Event While playing game, press L, R, Down, R, L. All dinosaurs will be killed.

No Red Tape:
While playing game, press L, R, Left, Down(4).

Site B
Successfully complete all missions to unlock the Site B option at the main menu.

More visitors
If you want more people to visit your park, build four or five entrances on all different sides.

Avoiding visitor deaths:
Never build a Safari Adventure in your T-Rex cage. The visitors inside of the car will not live too long. Also, never put more than one T-Rex in one cage. One will be killed and the other badly injured; and the visitors around the cage will get scared to death. This costs you a lot of money, for the T-Rexes and the fines.

Saving money:
To save a little money, build a small enclosure around a hatchery. When you hatch a dinosaur, sedate it, and move it to its cage


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