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Original Xbox Download  Mercenaries: All shop items, Health Code Original Xbox Downloads

Mercenaries: All shop items, Health Code
Published by: toddyd on 2005-11-15
Page Views: 1575
Rating: 5/10

All shop items:
Press Down(4), Up, Left, Right(2) at the PDA factions screen.

Unlimited health:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right at the PDA factions screen. Repeat
this code to disable its effect.

Note: If this code is enabled while in a vehicle, it will also have unlimited health.

All missions and bonus character:
Press Left(3), Down(2), Right, Up(2) at the PDA factions screen.

Unlimited ammunition:
Press Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left(2), A at the PDA viewer screen.

Press Right, Down, Left, Up(2), Left, Down, Right, A, at the PDA viewer screen.

Mafia Heavy skin:
Press Left(2), Right(2), Down, Up, Down, Up at the PDA factions screen.

Hans Solo skin:
Press Left(2), Right(2), Up, Down, Up(2) at the PDA factions screen. Alternately,
collect 20 National Treasure bounties.

Indiana Jones skin:
Collect 110 Blueprint bounties.

Cheat Weapons Crate:
Verify all of the cards in the deck of 52 to unlock the Cheat Weapons Crate in the
Merchant of Menance shop for $800,000. The Cheat Weapons Crate contains three
different super powered weapons (the Street Sweeper, Pocket Artillery, and the
Portable Airstrike). Note: The Cheat Weapons Crate can also be unlocked with the
"All shop items" code.

Playground Of Destruction mode:
Successfully complete the game, then verify General Song (the Ace of Spades).
Save the game when prompted. Load that saved game to start the game again with
all money and support items previously collected.

Free ammunition and repairs:
Choose a mission. Park a damaged vehicle in the base where the mission is located,
accept the contract, then immediately cancel it. Select "No" at the "Retry" menu.
Your vehicle will be repaired with full ammunition at no cost.

YAH-56 Gunship:
This is an incredibly powerful helicopter gunship that is armed with rapid-fire 30mm
cannon (grenade launcher), anti-air missiles, anti-tank missiles, and dumb-fire
rockets. You must have an anti-armor rifle and a RPG or anti tank rocket. Grenades
work somewhat, but are not recommended. You cannot use an anti air. Find one
flying (try the North Korean Allied MASH, when you complete the second ACE
contract you will "unlock" this). Once you are there, find a YAH-56 Gunship with the
binoculars. Then, go to it and make sure it is over flat land. Take out your RPG or
your anti tank rocket and shoot above it. It will fly down slightly. Then, take out your
anti armor rifle and shoot the pilot (located the back seat of the helicopter). If you
cannot see him through the glass, shoot under the *****pit. Once he is dead, you will
have about $25, 000 depleted and your helicopter should land on the ground safely.
Try again if it falls on its side or something else happens. Do not be afraid of the tail
rotor. If it is half way in a rock, it does not effect it. Note : This strategy can be used
with any helicopter.

Blueprint rewards:
Collect the indicated number of Blueprint bounties to get the corresponding reward.

1: All C4 Crate Drop
5: Sniper Rifle Drop
10: Stringer Supply Drop
15: Anti-tank Supply Drop
20: Mafia Heavy Soldier skin cheat code
30: NK Elite Soldier skin cheat code
40: Prototype Supply Drop
50: NK Number Card (Spades) skin cheat code
60: $100,000
70: $100,000
80: $250,000
90: $250,000
100: $500,000
110: Han Solo skin cheat code

National Treasure rewards:
Collect the indicated number of National Treasure bounties to get the corresponding

1: Chinese Scout Delivery
5: H3 Delivery
10: Chinese Fuel Truck Delivery
20: Play as Han Solo
30: Civilian Doctor skin cheat code
40: Civilian Prisoner skin cheat code
50: Ace of Diamonds skin cheat code
15: $50,000
60: $100,000
70: $100,000
80: $250,000
90: $250,000
100: $500,000
110: SKU Elite Soldier skin cheat code

Monument rewards:
Collect the indicated number of Monument bounties to get the corresponding reward.

10: North Korean ZSU 57 Anti Air Delivery
20: $250,000

SKU Listening Post rewards:
Collect the indicated number of SKU Listening Post bounties to get the corresponding

10: Health Crate Supply Drop
20: Civilian Baggage Carrier Delivery
30: Mafia MD-350 Scout Delivery
40: NK Numeric Card (Hearts) skin cheat code
50: Pilot skin cheat code
55: $250,000


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