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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
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Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Cheat Codes
Published by: doa666 on 2003-08-05
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Rating: 7/10

Health Cheat
While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
Use the D-pad to select the Health entry.
Press and hold (A) until the desired Health level is reached.

Magika Cheat
While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
Use the D-pad to select the Magicka entry.
Press and hold (A) until the desired Magicka level is reached.

Fatigue Cheat
While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
Used the D-pad to select the Fatigue entry.
Press and hold (A) until the desired Fatigue level is reached.

Hint: Easy money:
After traveling to Balmora in the beginning of the game, stop by Ravi'ir the traders house. A fairly heavy weapon such as axe or longsword of some sort is also required, which can be acquired from the Armorer a few shops down. Walk up to him and begin to bash his face in. You will have a decent fight on your hands -- save before undertaking this challenge. You should win if you remember to keep hacking. This slight case of murder early in the game will earn you the "Fiend Katana", and "Fiend Tanto". One is worth 9000 gold and the other is 3000 gold. You will also get three other enchanted weapons. Sell them to the Armorer across the street or keep them to have extremely powerful weapons early in the game. He also has an armory in the back of his house which can be raided and sold.

Go to the Mage's Guild in Balmora. The nice lady upstairs must not believe in safes. She has a lot of items (Soul Gems for the most part). Go downstairs and steal something minor, such as a fork. As everyone comes for you, run about in circles to avoid most of the hits. After doing this a few seconds, get past everybody and run up the stairs. With as little mistakes as possible, quickly take the things you want and exit the Guild/ Drop the items outside and find a guard. Pay him his 20 gold then retrieve the items.

Go to Tal Barmora and enter the Tradehouse. Go up the first flight of stairs, take a left, and go down the stairs there. Once downstairs, save the game then open the desk. A glass weapon will be inside. Some are worth more than others, or you may want a certain kind. If you do not get what you want, load the game and check again. It will be different every time. If you are looking for the most valuable, it is the Glass Claymore, valued at 32,000.

For easy money early in the game, go to the Mage's Guild in Caldera. Go into the tower and go up the stairs to an unguarded table. The table is filled with alchemist equipment that range in value from 100 to 4800 gold pieces. If alchemy is a major part of your class, you can use this to help you greatly. However, if you just want the money, the best place to sell it is the alchemist in Balmera next to the Fine Clothier. She is loaded with gold and if you have not made her mad, you can get a hefty pay check.

After you are done creating your character, go over to the shelf in the first room to find a limeware platter worth 650 gold. To steal it without getting it taken away, take it then quickly press B to put it in your inventory. Then, drop it on the floor and press B .The guard will approach you and say something. Accept his offer, then look on the floor and pick the platter up, without getting into trouble. This can be done with any item on the shelf.

As soon as you start finding and acquiring more expensive items by stealing, fighting, or receiving, bring the items back to a good person to barter with and drop the items nearby on the floor. For example, use the people in Balmora and others (Creeper in Caldura). In the Mage's Guild, put alchemist tools next to Ajira, and weapons next to the lady upstairs (you can barter your scrolls here also). Then, barter when you need the money, using the sell one/buy many/sell back/wait 24 hours method. It is easy to get a few hundred thousand in gold with this trick. One good way to keep this going is to fight the Ordinators and bringing back their weapons and armor. If you have been paying to have the price on your head removed in the Thieves Guild, you can get this money back by bartering scrolls or books in the same way. Also, when fighting guards and Ordinators, make sure you pickpocket them first,. If you kill too many in cold blood you will be served with a death warrant.

Join Guilds, empty out their equipment chests, then sell the items to other Guild members. There is a new chest in each town with a Guild.

If you require fast money or enchanted items, go to the trader Ra Virr. Do not worry if you are not at a high level. If you need help to kill him, summon the ancestral ghost. Take all of his enchanted items and sell or use them.

Hint: Easy skill points:

To increase Acrobatics, jump as you are traveling. It will level up after 50 to 100 jumps.
To increase Armor, find some enemies that do not do much damage and get hit by them. The Slaughterfish is a good choice.
To increase Block, hold Chop while using a shield and get hit by enemies.
To increase Mercantile, buy something cheap (10 to 20 gp) and always go down on the price slightly. Then, sell it back for a little more than they

Hint: Keep stolen items:
Use the following trick to keep your stolen items if you get caught. Rather than paying someone to relieve the bounty on your head, drop everything in your inventory, except gold, somewhere you will remember. The objects will not be removed from the game. Then, pay a guard. You will not lose your stolen items and the bounty will be gone. As an additional bonus, the person you stole from will not attack you anymore or be sour towards you.
You should remember to drop previous stolen items before paying off another bounty for a murder or a stolen item other wise gaurds will take previous items in addition to the bounty. [spapa s]

For free items, go to anyplace that has them laying about (guarded or not). Steal a couple, then run to the nearest Thieves Guild and clear your bounty. Drop gold and it is free. Then, go back and steal whatever else is desired.

Hint: Get rid of bounty for free:
Go to Balmora and join the Thieves Clan in the Southwall Cornerclub. The man at the counter downstairs can take of your bounty for a price. To get rid of it for free, drop all your money in one of the crates outside the Cornerclub. Go inside and talk to the man downstairs behind the counter. Choose to talk to him about the price on your head. Accept to pay, but since you have no money in your inventory, you will not lose anything and your bounty will be gone. Go back outside and get your money from the crate.

Hint: Spell costs:
If you are short just a few gold to get a spell, you do not have to resort to stealing or selling your items. Join the Mage Guild and go to the spell you require. If it is just a few gold more than you have, keep asking the man and the price of the spell will fluctuate each time.

Hint: Good armor:
To get good armor at the start of the game, get very proficient with one weapon. Then, kill one of the Ordinators in Balmora. You will have a good fight and someone may see you. Make sure you save before attempting this.

Immediately after you start out, you can ride the Silt Stiders (travel bugs) to Vivec. Go to the Redoran Waistworks. Go to the smith located there and enter the room in the back. Close the door and you can take anything desired. He has good armor, such as the Dreugh Curiass, a medium armor with a good armor rating.

Go to Vivec. Then, go to Redoran part of Vivec. Go to the top where there is a large door. It should be the Redoran Plaza. Find the big house in that section. Enter and go to the top. It should peak up to one room. There should be a woman in there. Get Mysticism up to about 45, then Telekinesis. To the left is a dresser. Step out of the door just enough so you can see the dresser, but are in sneak mode and cannot see the girl. Use Telekinesis, look in the dresser, and get the key. Go outside to the Redoran Plaza. Go to the Redoran Treasury house. Go down the stairs in front of you to the right, and open the Redoran Vault. Go to the very bottom and use the key to open the vault. There should be a guard inside. Leave the door open and wait about an hour (game time), and he will leave. Close chests. One of the crates contains glass armor and weapons. There is also some the door and start looting. There are two level 90 small chests and four level 50 money on the table in there.

Go to the armorer in Balmora and look behind the counter to find Orcish Cuirass and Orcish Boots. If you take them, use adrenaline rush and jump over the counter. Go out the door and immediately visit the Thieves Guild to get your bounty cleared. Drop gold and it is free. If you get caught, resist arrest. You can then go back and steal more items from him like such as the Dreugh Helm and Shield.

Hint: Thief character creation:

Race: Wood Elf
Favorite Attributes: Strength and Agility
Major skills: Marksmen, Short Blade, Sneak, Security, Light Armor
Minor skills: Merchantile, Speechcraft, Long Blade, your choice, your choice
Sign: The Thief

Hint: Warrior character creation:

Race: Redgaurd
Combat: Specialized
Favorite Attributes: Strength and Agility
Major skills: Long Blade, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Block, and Armorer
Minor skills: Blunt Weapon, Axe, Security, Speechcraft, and Alchemy
Sign: The Thief


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