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Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes
Original Xbox Download  Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes Original Xbox Downloads

Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes
Published by: DJB on 2005-11-01
Page Views: 2276
Rating: 5/10

Various Cheats:
Get the cheat screen by pressing L + Y + A. Now enter a code below

Cheat / What it does
PELOR Get Invincibility
MPS LABS Nightmare Difficulty
CREDITS Show Credits
UNBUFF Turn Off Cheats
OBADHAI Get Unlimited MW
AUSTIN 10 Rod of Destruction
BELL 10 Thrown Daggers of Stunning
BILGER 10 Tome of the Apprentice
BRATHWAI 10 Thrown Hammer
BROPHY 10 Fire Flask
CRAWLEY Holy Water
DELUCIA 10 Rod of Fire
DERISO 10 Insect Plague
DINOLT 10 Rod of Shadows
DSP633 10,000 Experience
EHOFF 10 Firey Oil
ELSON 10 Thuderstone
ESKO 10 Fash Freeze
FRAZIER 10 Thrown Viper Axe
GEE 10 Large Will Potions
HOPPENST 10 Warp Stones
HOWARD 10 Thrown Viper Axe
JARMAN 10 Rod of Miracles
KEIDEL 10 Keys
KNE637 500,000 Gold
LU 10 Medium Potions of Will
MEFFORD 10 Tome of the Teacher
MILLER 10 Rod of Missiles
MOREL 10 Thrown Daggers
N_STINE 10 Constitution Points
PAQUIN 10 Tome of Lessons
PRASAD 10 Thrown Halcyon Hammer
RAMERO 10 Thrown Axe of Ruin
SMITH 10 Pyrokins
SPANBURG 10 Tomes of the Master
SPINRAD 10 Anitvenom
THOMAS 10 Berserk Brew
THOMPSON 10 Large Healing Potions
UHL 10 Potions of Haste
WEBER 10 Fire Bomb
WHITTAKE 10 Rod of Reflection
WRIGHT 10 Globe Potion
ZXE053 10 Dexterity Points

Transfer Items without losing them:
Use a two player game and save your character. Now drop the item you want and leave the game. Now use your saved character to return and pick up the item.

Max Your Abilities:
First you have to find a book that gives you 5,10,20,or 50 extra points then drop the book save your character, press start and exit your game and load your character back into the game, now you have two books. Keep doing this until you have about 150 books then read them all and fill in your abilities. It takes some time but it's worth it (you can also do this with HP and MP if you find one of those potions.

Virtually Weightless:
This loophole allows you to carry as many thousands of pounds of crap as you can possibly muster on your person.
Follow these steps in their simplicity.

1. Get as many strength altering items on your person as possible. Ogre Gear as I like to call it. Now load up with as much junk as you can carry... reach your weight limit.


2. Hold down these buttons all at once: L + A + Y (This is the cheat console)

3. Now put in a code like PAQUIN (tome of lessons) as it creates a tome of lessons in your inventory. (repeat this step as many times as you want by simply hitting the accept button over and over and over until your hand goes numb)

3a. You will notice that items created in this fashion do not add to your burden.

4. Next, drop all of those heavy tomes. You will notice that it will think that you dropped the weight.

5. Viola! You are carrying all that you were before, but it says you are carrying 0lbs.


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