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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:24 am   
Post subject: SID 5.12; Option to Copy Save Files Not Appearing
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Ok, first time posting here. Tried googling this problem I'm having but to no avail. I'm having this problem with all the versions of SID I've downloaded, from 2.0 to 5.12. I don't have an Action Replay, but I have a SanDisk Cruzer Edge 4GB and a USB-XBOX adapter cable that the XBOX has successfully recognized and has allowed me to copy files from it to the HDD. I use Xplorer360 to inject the SID files onto the thumbdrive. I have Splinter Cell as well.

Now, the actual problem: I've extracted both the SID511.Loader.SplinterCell.NTSC and SID511.Installer.USB archives onto the thumbdrive.

Now, at this point, there are a few questions I have regarding how to seperate the two "UDATA" fodlers, or if I'm to consolidate the contents of both into one "UDATA". Also, there are more .rar archives within the archive itself, and I'm wondering if I need to extract those to the folder they're in within the main archive.

That's not my problem though, at least I don't think it is.
My problem is that when I extract the contnts of the two main archives onto my thumbdrive succesffuly, then plug it into my unmodded Xbox, go to "Memory" to copy the two files to my HDD, I scroll down to them to highlight and copy them, but when I select either of them, my Xbox has them listed as "Corrupted Save Data/File" and the option to copy them to the HDD is not available, only to delete.

Now, I've been able to successfully get the Splinter Cell corrupted save file onto the thumbdrive, which the XBOX correctly recognizes and lists it as "Linux-something" (profile, i believe?) and I've been able to copy it to the HDD with no problems (sort of). I tried opening the save through Splinter Cell which only gives me a "21" error, and I have to restart my XBOX. I found out it was because I needed to copy over the other files, which is the actual installer. But, like I said, I'm not able to.

Also, it seems like sometimes both save files only work and get recognized when they feel like it, as i said before, sometimes they'll BOTH b e listed as corrupted files and the XBOX wont give me the option to copy them to the HDD.

I know I've typed alot here, but I wanted to be as specific as possible in hopes that I maximize the chances of my problem being solved.

So, in summation:

Do I need to extract every archive, even the ones within the main two?

Do I conolidate the two UDATA folders from both archives into one onto my Thumbdrive?

Why are the save files listed as corruptedm why wont XBOX let me copy them to its HDD and how do I fix this?

Thank you guys very much for your time. I look forward to hearing back from someone to see if we can sort this out.

Just a little more info on my problem, the Xbox lists the saves as "Unknown Title" and "Corrupted Save"

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Xbox-HQ Enthusiast
Xbox-HQ Enthusiast

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Post Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:32 pm   
Post subject:
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From my knowledge using Xplorer360 load up your usb stick, then you will want to extract your files, so do this:

*NOTE: I use Win-RAR*
Also make sure bot of these zips are in the same location, like your desktop.
1. RIGHT-click Sid511.Installer.USB.zip and click "Extract Here"
2. RIGHT-click Sid511.loader.SplinterCellNTSC.zip and click "Extract Here"

That should have created a UDATA folder so double click that folder.

3. Drag the folder listed as 21585554 to the right pane of the Xplorer360 window and it will add it to your USBdrive (Make sure you load up your usb stick first in xplorer360)
4 Drag the folder listed as 5553000c to the same place in xplorer360

Now unmount your USBdrive (Drive>Close), and with the xbox off plug in the drive. In saves manager you will want to highlight the SID511 install and press RIGHT on your right thumbstick, hit A, then select copy. Repeat process for Splinter Cell save.

And you should be good to go.

Also you could always use the included USBFatxFormatter.exe just to make sure its formatted properly and not corrupted. The tool is handy and even has the ability to tell you if your drive is compatible most of the time! Smile

XBox v1.0
SID 5.11 w/ UnleashX
Shadow C + Dualboot M$/UnleashX
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