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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 6:18 pm   
Post subject: need help
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i cannot for the life of me figure out how to ftp in to my xbox without internet connection.........can someone plz hepl me on this so i dont have to bug my friends to do it for me anmore Mad Shocked Evil or Very Mad
im using unleasx and flashfxp ty to all that helps with this problem

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Xbox-HQ User
Xbox-HQ User

Xbox Version: xbox ver 1.0 0b
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:45 am   
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Ok first of all you need a crossover cabel or a router. If ya got a crossover, plug one end into the xbox and the other into your computer. You'll see the ip adress of your xbox on the bottom right hand of the screen if all is well so far. Or the same thing if you have the box pluged into your router. Now go to your flashfxp prog. Go to sitemanager in your sites dropdown menu. creat a new site called "X-Box." Now u input your X-Boxes ipaddress where it says ip. Then you but xbox for user name and password should also be xbox. for port that should be 21. and no check in anonomys or however the heck ya spell it.Then go one tab over to options. there will be something saying use passave mode. There should be no chech mark in there. Click apply then you should be ready to go. Ya can click close on that or click connect. Happy copyn' man!!!!.
Let me know what happns. I'll be glad to help ya out more. Twisted Evil


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Post Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:23 am   
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Hi triky316,

Yup sure..

Just give us more info.

Do you have a router or just a NETWORK CARD on your PC??
Let us know and i will provide whatever i can to help.

I will now explain the basics to networking your xbox and pc. I have left two ways. STATIC and DHCP ENABLED.. Either way it should help you all.

I hope you enjoy the site i have struggled to keep online and maintain with the help of all our other HQ admins.


XBOX -->> PC (Directly connect from xbox to PC).
- You need whats called a cross-over cable.. This cable is totally different to a normal router network patch lead (RJ45).

XBOX -->> HUB/ROUTER/SWITCH -- >> PC (connecting through a active device)
- You need to be using a normal RJ45 network patch lead.. This is NOT a CROSSOVER CABLE.

1. Connect your pc and xbox using either option above
2. Now turn on your PC/ROUTER
3. Turn on your XBOX with all cables firmly connected and make sure you have your dashboard network settings (EVOX, XBMC etc etc) to STATIC = NO *only evox dash..

** You want to see if you have DHCP setup first. If your xbox doesnt get a ip address automatically then we need to setup a static ipaddress which will work on your NETWORK with the pc. SEE SETTING UP STATIC IP ADDRESS if you dont have DHCP enabled and need to setup a STATIC IP.

4. Check that you can see activity lights on both network cards.. The Xbox and your PC or ROUTER etc.
5. Once you have activity check to see if you have a IP ADDRESS in your dashboard settings anywhere.. Normally skins show on the main menu.. But you may have to change your skin to see it.

5. If you now have a ip address shown on your dashboard you can connect to it using any FTP program from your PC.. I suggest FLASHFXP, and any other freeware ftp applications..

IP: MY IP ADDRESS ( etc etc
PORT: 21
USER: xbox
PASS: xbox

thats it.. You can transfer files directly from your pc to xbox.. If you are still having difficulties please read on how to setup static ip.

1. Connect your pc and xbox using either option from above
2. Now turn on your PC/ROUTER
3. With WINXP do the following:
- Choose 'Start Menu' and then Click on 'RUN'
- Type 'cmd' or 'command' into the space provided and press enter (return)
- When the command prompt appears type 'ipconfig /all'
- Write down all your pc info
- If your PC has a IP ADDRESS of and subnet your xbox would be: or any other ip address in the similar range.. It could even be if you wanted.
- If your PC has a SUBNET MASK of then your xbox should be exactly the same..
- Same goes for DNS Servers.. You have to copy down the pc info and put into your xbox.

anyway, so now you should have something like this on your network.


ip: (.3, .4, .5 etc tc) whatever you choose just remember
dns: (same as pc)

DONE AND DONE.. Connect to your XBOX using the same method as descirbed above.. I will copy and paste here to make easy:

IP: MY IP ADDRESS ( etc etc
PORT: 21
USER: xbox
PASS: xbox



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