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Xbox-HQ Freak

Joined: Feb 21, 2005
Posts: 614
Location: Nebraska

Post Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 7:39 am   
Post subject: Still alive after all this time.
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Just like you all to know im still aive.
Sorry guys i've abondaond my duites as an Admin. Hopefully i can be here more.
Just thought i'd stop by and say- hey, im not dead.- not even sure if i was brought up on the forms after my disaperance.
Well- just to tell you guys- im still up and modding.
Actully i have probably softmoded over 30 box's and i chipped my first box a couple of weeks back. I dont have much time to give to the communite since school and work are taking up most of the time i have.
Turns out we arnt getting a 360 untill Jan. for dev. purpose's, But i will say this- we had a Microsoft rep come to speak to us. And he brought along a 360, and Kameo- then we got a speech from some ppl from bethesda- they also brought aloing Oblivion- sadly we dident get to play. But i did get to play Kameo ( i really am not that excited for the game- but hey i got to play it!)
let me be the first to Say - THE GRAPHICS ARE BEAUTYFUL!! pictures and even HD video feeds dont give justice to the fluid movements of the animations. The system itself is lighter than the orig. Xbox- its also a bit smaller. The controller- get this- is lighter than your normal S.
The Main menu screen looks cool- and when he opend up the conectivity screen- it was hailiours- The xbox automaticly detected My ipod, another guys Ipod- and a guys PSP (we all had them on) NOTE: He had the USB Wi-fi dongle in the USB port on the front.
He also let us play Halo 2 (just 1 on 1) So we could see how it works (back wards compatibility) My god was it beautiful.
The controllers were a bit weird (with the elimination of the Black and white buttons- ) but we got used to it quick.
Right now were learning how to program in a Windows enviorment so we can work with the 360-
I also bought myself ONE copy of the Unreal Engine 3 to use on my FUBAR mac (remeber, the one that messed the site up?)
Let me say i've never been more confused in my life. My prof. says we will be learning how to prog. Unreal towards the 3rd term- but will most likely be over shadowd by the arrival of our 360 Debug kits. He says our grad. Project might be dev. a demo game on the 360- or just PC.
Either way- it looks like its going to be a fun year.
I also asked the speaker
"How long do you think it will take us to crack the Xbox 360's security and expliot its true potential"
he thought about it for a bit
"We have implemented new features to stop such a thing from happening."
"but thats what sony tried to do with is PSP- look how they have failed."
"unfortuantly there is no way to stop piracy and illigal modding but it still remains microsoft number 1 priority to stop people from doing so."
he cut me off there-
The guy dosent know who he is messing with- lol
Feed back guys- comeone! I hope i can check back tomarrow- if not- i'll stop by when i can- i'll also try to get ONE news story a day.
Im also going to promise this now.
I work at a gamestop- im going to do a Story on Midnight Luanch of the 360- taking pics and all- just to let you know.
Hope its ok with ol'e hobbs!

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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Feb 07, 2005
Posts: 2743
Location: Florida

Post Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 11:52 am   
Post subject:
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LOKI!!!!! Man I thought we lost you to that thing called life. Good to hear from you again. I see you gave the M$ rep a hard time.. Laughing If he only knew. Keep us posted on your dealings with the 360 or any info that you get. And for the love of god, don't drop off the face of the earth again.

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Joined: Nov 17, 2004
Posts: 5222
Location: Tennessee, USA

Post Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 1:11 pm   
Post subject:
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OMG! The second coming has occured and Loki77 has arisen from the grave of the internet. I thought you had choaked on a little kid and died.
Good to hear from you and stop running! You were supposed to hold a 360 for me and at T-minus weeks and counting you went Houdini on my ass. Keep us posted on the 360 mess and email me when mine has arrived. Wink
Honestly, we've missed you and your misspellings. Hope you can get on a little more often.

P.S. Oh and yes, we've been trash talking your ass for weeks. Razz JK


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