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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 12:09 am   
Post subject: Need help accessing FTP 2 Xbox through 2 switches
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Imagine this i have a broadband (cable) internet conection runing in to switch #1 and out of that comes 4 lines one of which goes to another switch, switch #2. from switch #2 i have 2 lines 1 going to Xbox and the other to a PC.

I can get to my xbox if its pluged in to switch #1 with the normal IP:
User: xbox
Pass: xbox


I was wondering how i access it on switch #2 do i have to make any changes to switch #2 settings?

Or can it be done with just editting the xbox IP?

Let me know if anyone knows.


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Post Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 5:01 am   
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A switch/hub doesnt need configuring.. Only a router..
So since you running a switch its exactly like just being connected with one cable as i look at it..

I have a similar setup here.. I have my main ROUTER -->> SWITCH/HUB -->> XBOX/PC

You should just give your xbox a ipaddress in the same range as your pc just like you described.. You should then be able to connect no probs..

Try the last port or the first port to connect the 2 x switches together..
Make sure you have network light activitiy too Normally on a hub or swith they have a port especially called UPLINK or something for connecting multiple switches etc.

you should be fine.



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Xbox-HQ Member

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Post Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 10:11 pm   
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FOREWORD: sorry for all the text, but I like to explain things if there's a chance someone might need it.

Or do like I did. Here's my example:

Say the Internet is coming directly into the computer. Just ass another network card to your computer, share the LAN Connection that the Internet is plugged into, run the second one into the switch, and the switch to the XBOX. From there, let DHCP on the XBOX do the work for you. Not only will you have an IP auto-assigned to the XBOX that'll remain static until you reassign a new one, your XBOX will be able to access the Internet as well as the PC will be able to access the XBOX.

If the Internet is coming through a router, then into a switch, make sure your router can access the Internet then assign yout IP range accordingly. Then manually assign both your computer and your XBOX within the constraints of the IP range you've selected, as well as subnet mask and DNS gateway, and it shouldn't matter where you plug the PC or the XBOX into.

Either way, you don't need to use the uplink port, so don't use it. If your hub has an uplink switch, switch it off. My PC has a Gigabit Ethernet port built in, and I use that for Internet, and I added a 10/100 for the network. The 10/100 is connected to a switch, which connects the computers in the bedroom to the hub in the living room, which connects the XBOX, the PS2, as well as additional computers in the living room and everything works fine for me in my example. If you're able to hook the PC and the computer together through the switch, it would be to your advantage to do so since that's actually faster than doing it through a hub. Make sure you're using the more up-to-date CAT5e network cables too, since it's full duplex and gigabit-capable (if you can't get or afford CAT6) and you'll notice immediate increases in speed if you're not using it already.

Also, it helps if you know the differences between routers, switches, and hubs. Since that's the proper order for those devices, I'll summarize them in that order as well. A router is its namesake, it routes traffic from the source to the switch. Switches give dedicated bandwidth to each port, so if you have a 100Mbps switch, each port can carry its own 100Mbps signal regardless of how many ports are built into it. A hub pools its available bandwidth (from the switch or the router if a switch isn't available), so no matter how many ports are on the hub, the bandwitch is always the same, and shared across all the computers on the hub, which means the more ports on the hub, the less available bandwidth available as you add more computers or consoles to the hub.

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