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Post Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:35 am   
Post subject: Bios Recommendations For Duo X2 GS
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Hi all, I have a blue colour AMD Duo X2 GS chip installed at the moment in a version 1.6 Xbox that I will later install in a version 1.4 Xbox or a different version other than 1.6 and the chip is running a verion of EvoX but I dont know which version, im looking to update the chip bios to the latest and best which will be using a 500GB IDE hard drive. The Duo X2 GS chip has 2x 512kb banks if im correct and im looking for a bios that is fast and possibly one that can edit the boot logo or remove the logo completely. Ive been doing research about how to do all of this like flashing the bios using a CD\DVD but I will still need some help if I get stuck. Ive seen the word "Cromwell" pop up in my web surfing im guessing this is about the Linux OS/Bios that modchip companies install to the chip as a default is this correct? And what is a "winbond" chip?

The Bios's wiki I found here:
has the X2 4983 and looks good but is there something better or newer not on this wiki?

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 11:28 am   
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For a 1.6 console you have a very limited set to choose from:

  • Team Xecuter's X2 5035 1.6 (Size: 512KB), or
  • EvoX M8plus_16 (Size: 256KB)

Cromwell is an MS code free, legal BIOS, that modchip sellers pre-flashed to the modchip to make them semi-legal. It cannot run Xbox games; however, it can be used to flash a different modified/hacked BIOS that can.

Update: Winbond is the brand of one of the TSOP packaged flash chips Microsoft used to hold the kernel/BIOS on the Xbox motherboard. It requires a different flashing method than the others used. The algorithm to store data to (flash) it is different.

Image Source: https://github.com/gotbletu/wikimd/blob/master/xbox-softmod.md

Update 2: A v1.6 Xbox does not have a TSOP device. Microsoft replaced the PIC processor and TSOP of older models with a custom Xyclops chip. It is not reprogrammable to write a different BIOS to it.

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