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Xbox-HQ Enthusiast
Xbox-HQ Enthusiast

Joined: May 02, 2018
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Post Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 9:27 pm   
Post subject: Upgrade to 250GB HDD-Evox only sees 137GB
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Xenium Mod Chip - OS v1.1
Xecuter2 4981 BIOS 1mb
EvolutionX V +3921 Dash

So it's been like 1,000 years since I messed with the old Xbox going back to around 2003-2004. Found instructions on how to mod the box from Xbox-Scene. Which doesn't even exist anymore. Which is why I'm on Xbox-HQ looking for some info.

I decided the other day that I wanted to put a larger HDD and "backup" all my old games to the HDD. Somewhere around 40 games or so. I figured a 250GB would cover that. So now I got two issues:

1. The new 250gig HDD I ordered off ebay will not lock so that I can boot the retail dash. I want the dual boot option.

2. The Evox dash only recognizes 137 gigs of the 250gig drive.

I used my old Slayers auto-installer to format the new drive. Slayers V2.5 Final to be exact. I have since found that not all hard drives are lockable. So now I got a brand new 250gig IDE HDD that I got no use for. Anyone got a tip on a 250gig drive that's lockable?

Finding a 250gig drive that's lockable is the easier issue. I got no idea how to resize the partitions or what dash I may have to switch to that will read a 250gig drive. UnleashX or something? Anyone got an easy solution to this using an auto-installer? What I want to do is just have C: drive only like 1 gig and then have E: drive where my games will be stored using the other 249gigs for my game stores.

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V.I.P. Lifetime

Xbox Version: v1.6
Modded: Xecuter 2.6 CE

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Post Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 11:29 pm   
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With a chipped machine the usual practice is actually not to lock it.

Dual boot is a bit redundant now and it should be simple enough to install a MS dash as an app and launch it from there. The generic MS stock files, easily found, are usually OK but there are circumstances when they might not work.

EvoX is considered a second division dash now and you're not even using the final version (v3935) EvoX has limited features, in particular no built in file manager. Consider a swap to UnleashX (v572 preferred) or XBMC v3.5.3 (the latest version) and install EvoX as an app where its unique facilities will still be available.

As for the BIOS: not my area but checking my AID manual it would seem the old BIOS 4981 you're using does not include LBA48 (48 bit Logical Block Addressing) support. That is very likely the reason you can only see 137GB of your 250GB HDD.

I'd also be concerned about using Slayers as that is old now and whilst it should have formated F:\ OK on a HDD of this size using XBPartitioner v1.3 or Chimp 261812 for such purposes is generally considered preferable. Both have been updated more recently and must be used for very large HDD F:\ and G:\ formatting.

You need advice on the BIOS before proceeding but after that I'd suggest wiping the HDD and start from scratch using AID v4.53 or HeXEn. You obviously know how to burn and use such installer discs. Either will walk you through formatting and installing your dash of choice.

With any luck SPPV or kaos_engr will see this post and be able to help you on the BIOS matter and much more as well.

BTW how the C:\ and E:\ drives are formatted is largely out of your hands and the space used is determined by the installer.

Usual practice with a larger HDD is to install your most used apps to E:\ but otherwise everything else ie. games, emulators etc are all installed on F:\ and when used G:\. UnleashX's config.xml is set up to use E:\, F:\ and G:\ so it is actually irrelevant which drive they're on. All you have to do is create the Apps', Games', Emulators' folders there yourself.

Similarly with XBMC you'd simply do the same but have to put in the appropriate folder paths manually eg. F:\Games, as new sources under Programs.

With a chipped machine almost the only things that need to be on E:\ is the UDATA and TDATA folders (game saves/app settings data). With AID you'd also have an E:\Backup and some emulator and homebrew games write save data to E:\SAVES rather than UDATA and TDATA.

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Xbox-HQ Enthusiast
Xbox-HQ Enthusiast

Joined: May 02, 2018
Posts: 29
Location: Outer Rim

Post Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 4:03 am   
Post subject:
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>ArchAngle-- Thanks for the reply

I do have a reason for wanting the dual boot mode. Kinda of a stealth reason. I got the Xenium configged so that it boots into retail mode with no Xenium splash screen when you push the power button, and when you power it on with the DVD tray eject button you get the Xenium splash screen with the boot options and config settings. Say for instance if a kid powered on the Xbox in the usual way, with the power button, it will boot into retail mode and they will be none the wiser. I wouldn't want a little kid getting into the config settings of the chip. That still doesn't address a kid just pushing the BIG button on the console to power it on not knowing any better. But.. I don't know, it's just a little extra precaution. Doesn't hurt to have it somewhat stealthy with kids around.

So you're basically saying I gotta find a compatible BIOS that'll read a 250gig drive. I haven't messed with this stuff in so long. I'm gonna have to do some reading and relearn some stuff. Took me like an hour just the other day just to figure out how to get back into Xbins through the old mIRC chat thing.

I'm gonna have to read your post over a few times to get it to soak in. Confused

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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Jun 04, 2012
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Post Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 4:57 am   
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ArchAngle's correct about the X2 4981 BIOS limiting access to more than 137GB HDDs installed in the Xbox.

The BIOS needs to be upgraded to one that included LbA48 support: for v1.0-1.5 consoles use X2_5035_vOld_512k.67.bin, for a v1.6 flash, x2_5035_v16plus_512k.bin (512KB in size) or iND-BiOS 5003 or 5004 (aka Beta Feb-11-05) or M8plus.

X2 5035 has a configuration file, x2config.ini, that needs to be uploaded to the root of E:. Editing this file allows for changes to the BIOS's modifications that previously required using XBTool to create a new dot bin file that was flashed to your modchip.

iND-BiOS also can be configured with its own ind-bios.cfg file uploaded to C:\.

There's a newer version of the Xenium OS available: v2.3.1

Newer Evoxdash: +3935

However, there are better dashboards available: UnleashX and XBMC4Xbox v3.5.3 and avalaunch 0.49.3.

The latest UnleashX version is 0.39.0528A Build 584 (includes an FTP server glitch or two). I suggest using the previous release 0.39.0222A Build 572 as ArchAngle already mentioned.

There's also a handy copy of the xbins' FTP server files accessible via a web browser. archive.org has a copy but I generally use https://the-eye.eu/public/xbins/

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Xbox-HQ Enthusiast
Xbox-HQ Enthusiast

Joined: May 02, 2018
Posts: 29
Location: Outer Rim

Post Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 7:01 am   
Post subject:
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Thank you brother kaos! That's the info I needed about the HDD size issue. The one thing I do remember is that all I gotta do to flash the bios over to the Xenium is (download the bios.bin file first) and stick it out in the open in E: partition and the Xenium can detect it and then just push the button to flash it over. Simple s pie.

Thanks for TheEye Xbins store tip. That's easy enough.

Looking at the readme file for the X2 5035 it says this:

"lba48 partition modes:

0 = standard partitions
1 = F: gets all (Default)
2 = F: up to 137gb, G: gets rest
3 = F: up to 137gb, no G:

You have to patch 0,1,2 or 3 value at offset 0x1b04 (if you wanna hex dit manually)

However there are tools for lba48 patching and ini file creation - they can be found here:


Now, the current Evox dash I have now boots from C: and games are stored in E:/Games, which right now is where I want all my HDD space allocated to except a minimal amount to C:. This particular X2 bios 5035 is gonna give all the drive space to F:, or some to F: and the rest to G: and so forth according to which mode I edit the bios to. How can I change the X2 5035 to allocate most of the space to E: partition where I want it?

I looked in the .ini config file and there is no mention of lba48 partition modes as mentioned in the readme file.


; startup xbox debug monitor (needs sdk installed)
startDebug = 0

; enable igr
igrEnabled = 1

; display flubber anim
doStartupAnimation = 1

; do dvd drive check
doDvdDriveCheck = 0

; do not reset when pressing on eject
noResetOnEject = 1

; 255 characters max here, format is <drive>:<path_to_xbe>.xbe, e.g. "f:dashes\avalaunch.xbe"
dash1Name = c:avalaunch.xbe
dash2Name = c:evoxdash.xbe
dash3Name = c:unleashx.xbe
dash4Name = c:xbmc.xbe
dash5Name = c:xboxdash.xbe

; the xbe name of the title image loaded from dvd on startup, 16 chars max!
dvdBootXbeName = default.xbe

; logo colors
colorXlip = ff000100
colorXlipHighlights = ff4b9b4b
colorInnerWalls = ff216a17
colorInnerGlow = ffcbdf01
colorXboxText = ff62ca13

; patch away xbox live connectivity code
patchXboxLive = 1

; if 1 then system runs on error if clock is invalid
clockErrorCheck = 0

; flubber (blob) colors
colorBlob = ff26ff3f
colorBlobGlow = 00a0ff40
colorGreenFog = 00a0ff60
colorFogGlowStart = ff00ff00
colorFogGlowEnd = 009fff66

; 3 scene colors

; ambient
colorFlubberScene1 = ff35ff19
; diffuse
colorFlubberScene2 = ff35ff19
; specular
colorFlubberScene3 = ff35ff19

; do random flubber
randomFlubber = 0

; flubber animation number, 0 - 14
flubberAnimationNumber = 2

; speed of xbox fan, value 10 equals 20%, value 50 equals 100%
fanSpeed = 10

; display flubber blob in wireframe mode
flubberWireFrame = 0

; display the TM logo
displayTmLogo = 1

; define the xbox logo background color
xLogoBackgroundColor = ff000000

; enable VGA patch (currently not working)
enableVgaPatch = 0

; stop bios to boot DVDs
disableCdromBoot = 0

; xbox LED color, 0 = off, 15 = green, 240 = red, 255 = orange, 83 = cycle
ledColor = 15

; blob radius * 10
blobRadius = 23

; do blob "pulse"
blobPulse = 1

; do fast animation
fastAni = 0

; apply interlace filter on startup
iFilter = 0

; enable transparency on mslogo
msLogoTransEn = 1

; ms logo transparency color
msLogoTransColor = 00ff00f6

; no flubber machinery
noFlubBg = 0

; no startup sound
noSound = 0

; show ms logo
showMsEn = 1

; show x logo
showXEn = 1

; do spikey blob
spikeyBlob = 0

; slow motion blob (ugly)
slowMoBlob = 0

; release all debug monitor memory after launching xbe
useAllMemory = 0

; no x logo light
noLightEn = 0

; color of x logo light
xLightColor = ff000000

There seems to be nothing regarding partition modes in the .ini config file. The .ini does say that the dash files will be looked for in C:. Which is again what I do want.

And it mentions a DVD drive check (I guess for dash files?) and it has a =0 beside it. I DO want it to do a DVD drive check because I will use the Slayers disk I burned long ago to FTP the files to the Xbox HDD because the Slayers auto-installer disk has a FTP server on it. So then I need to put a =1 beside "do DVD check" right?

What do I do about getting E: allocated for the most space on the HDD where my Games folder will be? I guess I have to find this x2ool utility to alter the bios? If I use x2ool to alter the 5035 can I just throw an "E:" in there in place of the "F:" for the partition mode?

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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Jun 04, 2012
Posts: 156

Post Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 7:48 pm   
Post subject:
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Evox dash has a builtin FTP server if you enable it. No need to boot Slayers disc from DVD.

The size of the stock partitions cannot (easily) be changed.

Use the extended partitions for storage of games/apps/etc

C, E, X, Y and Z sizes are fixed in the BIOS.

Instead, use the extended partitions 6 and 7 (drive letters F and G) as they were intended for storage of items to be executed/played from a larger HDD.

E was originally only for game saves and ripped CD music storage.

Format the extended partition(s) with XBPartitioner v1.3 and write a partition table to the HDD. This table will be read by the latest BIOSes (M8, M8plus, X2 5035, iND-BiOS 5003/5004 and any other BIOSes that support reading a partition table from the HDD) before its applies one of the standard LBA48 default configurations set for it that you mentioned above.

Move Current E:\Games Content to Extended Partition(s): F and/or G

Install boxplorer0.96b and move all the E:\Games folders/files (data) to an extended partition.

Or, a different dashboard that includes a file manager: UnleashX 0.39.0222A or 0.39.0528A or XBMC4Xbox v3.5.3 and move them to an extended partition.

evox.ini: Add New Partition(s) Scan for Games and Apps

Edit evox.ini to add F and G for scanning to add menu items


   Section  "Launch Menu"
       Section "Games"
         AutoAddItem "e:\games\"
         AutoAddItem "f:\games\"
         AutoAddItem "g:\games\"
      Section "Apps"
         AutoAddItem "e:\apps\"
         AutoAddItem "f:\apps\"
         AutoAddItem "g:\apps\"

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Xbox-HQ Enthusiast
Xbox-HQ Enthusiast

Joined: May 02, 2018
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Post Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 6:18 am   
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kaos_engr wrote:

>kaos- I was wondering if you would know anything about the Xenium 2.3.2 OS. There are two versions. One that you place in E: partition of the HDD and an ISO version that you burn to a disk. I went to enable the Xenium OS menu password protection feature and the popup dialogue never asked me to enter my new password after enabling the password feature. Now I'm locked out of the chip. It's asking for a password and it never even gave me an option to enter a password when I enabled it.

I was wondering if you knew if the Xenium would automatically flash the recovery.bin file iso burned to a disk. I can't get into the menu to manually engage the recovery procedure for the HDD version of the recovery.bin file.

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