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Xbox-HQ Member

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Post Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:58 pm   
Post subject: New (old) Dash Project
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Dont know how many of you ever tried out the NexGen dashboard by Team XOS or their little known little brother RDX. But Ive been working for about a year to update RDX to make us a new dashboard/emu/game launcher

RDX Perks (original)
-Compile emulators directly into the dashboard xbe
-Very well written (FBA/FBL/ZSNEX and NestopiaX menu system was based off of it)
-Item action (rudimentary) and xbe scanning
-music and video support
-launch roms directly from dash without cut files

RDX (aka Penny Ops FTW) New Perks Added
-Support for 166P and 240P (NES, SMS/GG, Genesis)
-Kiosk mode (works just like those old game kiosks in a store where you could limit games chosen, play time etc)
-added ZSNEX 240P, NestopiaX 2.1 NESOAD, KIxxx 1.2 Optimized
-updated to support 1.6/1.6b
-decreased KIxxx launch speed and memory required to run (now has RAM left over runs even better than my KIxxx1.2 BETA)

The Point
Just looking for a few people game to do testing and give me basic info. This worked, this didnt, this was fast, this was slow, I liked this, this sucks, XBOX version, mod installed.
The public release is slated tentativly for beginning of November so theres no huge hurry and as it stands now its head and shoulders above what it was

Showing it with KIxxx, Zsnex and Nestopia. This was captured using a Dazzle SD recorder (interlaced. Progressive scan requires RGB) So you can see the forced size differences. KIxxx overriding XBOXs settings to output at 360 (original arcade rez) and Zsnex outputting at 256 (original SNES rez) so unlike Nestopia whats going to the TV is finally identical to what the original hardware output.
Not all emulators can be modified to do this unfortunately many (like Nestopia) are tied to the XDK resolutions of 480/720/1080 Sad

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Xbox-HQ Member

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Post Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:12 am   
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I'm interested in testing out the new build of RDX.

Need info on where to obtain a copy for testing.

Much appreciated, thanks for the update,


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