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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:08 pm   
Post subject: Maximum Partition/HDD Size for a Modded (Original) Xbox?
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Hi there,

Having recently acquired a 2TB modded Xbox, I'd like a particular rumour confirmed. I've heard through the grapevine that the Xbox's firmware cannot handle a HDD over 500GB. I've also heard of a supposed workaround: partition one's HDD into smaller, more manageable fragments. Unfortunately, my Xbox is showing a G:/ drive with 1,776,000 megs of free space (close to 2TB). Am I right to be concerned or can I just leave the drive as is?

Assuming that the former is true, I have downloaded XBPartitioner 1.3 in preparation of splitting the HDD up. The problem I have now, however, is that XBPartitioner doesn't appear all that friendly to novice modders like myself; I am completely perplexed by its interface. Would anyone be able to supply me some foolproof instructions as to how I would go about dividing my G:/ drive into safer-sized partitions?

Finally, I've also been alerted that problems occur if said partitions are not formatted in '32K clusters'. Putting aside the fact that I have no real idea what that means, XBpartitioner seems to have other ideas here. That is to say, the application seems to pick the cluster size to be used (e.g. 16k, 32k, 124k) automatically, based on the spatial dimensions of the drive being formatted. Have I confused myself again or is it indeed possible to do so?

Thanks in advance!

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Post Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:52 pm   
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A bit late for a response but here goes.

The drive will have problems if 32KB clusters are used for a 1.7TB partition!

You won't notice it until you fill the drive up with over 512GB of data, the max partition size for 32KB clusters. You will notice that files seem to magically disappear. You've reached the tipping point, overflowed the cluster counter, wrapping back around to the start of the partition overwriting data at the beginning.

Various Xbox Cluster sizes vs. Max Partition size
    4KB - 64GB
    8KB - 128GB
    16KB - 256GB
    32KB - 512GB
    64KB - 1024GB

Use XBPartitioner 1.3 to properly partition and format the Extended Partitions. Partition 6 = F: and 7 = G:.

Press the White button to toggle through the various extended partition command options that can be used. The display will change to show the size partition and the cluster size to be applied. Press Start to apply the displayed settings/command option.

There are a variety of functions that can be selected and the command is shown in the upper right. Pressing the Back button will display Help!. Here you'll see the list of buttons and what operation they perform.

To exit Help, press Start. To Exit program, press any other key.

White button - toggle through the list of functions (see upper right corner as to which is selected).
  • Write Table & Format,
  • Write Table only,
  • Format (xxk clusters).
Start - perform the selected command option/update partition configuration.

For a 2TB drive, split the extended space evenly into two 927GB partitions using 64KB clusters.

After XBPartitioner exits, reboot Xbox and run XBPartitioner 1.3 again to make sure the changes did in fact take place. If not, repeat.

To simply exit XBPartitioner, press Back then any key other than Start. This will exit without any changes taking place to the HDD.

If you see ER to the left of the size of the partition, there's an error and the partition/format/write partition table operations needs to be performed again to fix it.

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