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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:28 pm   
Post subject: Help fixing my XBOX
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I recently purchase an Xbox, but it boot the xbmc and it was fine, but for some reason some of my games played on Spanish.

I read that it was necessary to launch m$ dash to change it... so I downloaded the xboxdash.xbe and putit on the C: (I made a copy of the original that was there, renamed xboxdash1.xbe)

So no my XBOX do not launch (error 21)

How can I manage to go to C: and remove the xboxdash.xbe and put the copy that I made??

Thank you

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Xbox-HQ Experienced
Xbox-HQ Experienced

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Post Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:00 pm   
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I've got a few ideas for you, hope one of them works.

Make an EvoX boot disc, when created properly it should be titled RemoteX. Find out which Xbox DVD-drive your box has, and find which DVD's or CD's your drive is compatible with. For example, my Xbox 1.1 with a Philips DVD drive is compatible with memorex DVD-R's and a few other more expensive brands.

Now that you know which media you can handle burn EvoX in the same structure as it would be on the HDD onto the disc you choose. If you know your media is compatible and it is not booting try a power cycle or two. If XBMC is in your applications folder already then launch that and do the file handling there, if not EvoX usually comes with an app called Xbox FTP which could do the job if both xboxdash.xbe's are already on the HDD. If not then learn the Xbox FTP controls well, learn how to FTP, and FTP it from wherever it is into C.

If a boot disc doesn't help you boot, you will have to do the file handling on a PC. I have used Xplorer360 to open HDD's before successfully. What matters there is what the HDD interface matches the PC. You can't open an Xbox HDD with adapter or cloning dock with Xplorer360, so you better hope you have access to a PATA PC or that the drive you are attempting to repair is SATA.

If this helps, for future reference XBMC allows you to manually add sources to almost anything on the HDD without having to actually move files. For instance, I keep my other dashboards including the xboxdash.xbe in the Applications in Programs, so I can easily launch them without having to turn off my modchip, change presets, or reboot. Just go to wherever you want your stuff to be found and launched by XBMC, select add source and find it! A good idea for any softmod with an XBMC dash.

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