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Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 8:54 pm   
Post subject: HDD cloning issues
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I received a softmodded xbox from a friend and I want to install a larger HDD.

-I have a v1.0 xbox
-I've ftp'd chimp2618 to E:/Apps
-copied linuxboot.cfg to E:/
-I'm using a WD Caviar blue SATA w/ a HDE SATA to IDE adapter and have it set to slave with the jumper ( iffy since the adapter has 3 pins on it and only says master next to the top pin and slave next to the bottom pin so i assume the center is used with the jumper in both cases?)

But now I'm stuck. I can't get the new drive to show up on the scan in chimp
-swap the IDE before running lpartx but E:/Apps/Chimp2618 cannot be found
-swap before selecting fat32 then I get stuck on the boot screen
-swap after the boot screen on the linux boot screen: hda: not ready for command... but can make it to chimp however the scan only shows the original HDD
-swap after linux boots at the time I can press (A) once I try to scan same hda not ready message.

I'm stuck when do I swap? Did I miss something? Does the original HDD have to be set a certain way as well since it has 2 master settings and mine was originally set to cable select.

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Post Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:39 pm   
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What dash are you using?

I'd always recommend UnleashX for anything like this as its File Explorer is, IMHO, an essential tool.

It sounds like everything has been done correctly. With Chimp2618:installer version you swap the IDE cable from the DVD drive whilst you're on your main dash and at no other time. With no timing pressure to worry about as long as you do it cleanly there is not really much to go wrong with that.

First most likely culprit is the IDE/SATA adapter. Some work some don't and you really need to do some research on this yourself. There is plenty of current info out there if you look.

You seem to be saying that when you can get Chimp2618 to boot you're having to select FAT32. It should be the default option. Also at other times Chimp2618 isn't shown in Apps post swap. That might be an indication what you're using is either not the Chimp 2618 installer version or it is an earlier version of Chimp and you're trying to use it with a v1.6 Xbox. Unlikely but I have to ask.

If all is OK in that respect check Chimp2618 actually boots normally when you're not using it to clone your existing HDD. If it doesn't then there is something wrong with the download/install.

But if it boots OK this way you know it is something to do with the IDE swap or new HDD. If that is the case the IDE/SATA adapter definitely becomes the prime suspect.

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