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Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:44 am   
Post subject: Before I begin...
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I JUST bought an XBOX 1.0... and am interested in modding (learning first what that acutally means!) but the xbox shuts down intermittently. Is there a fix for that? Or should I just return it for credit at the store? It was $30.00 and came with two controllers. Advice would be welcomed! Thank you. SD

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Post Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:14 pm   
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It shouldn't be shutting down like that but identifying the cause of the problem is probably going to be impossible.

Over-heating may be involved so if the fan(s) aren't working or are working inefficiently due to dust or partially blocked vents that might be it. A typical problem with older Xboxes is that the TIM (Thermal Interface Material) between the heatsinks and CPU/GPU may have dried out. Remember it could be well over 10 years old now and even more modern thermal pastes aren't guaranteed to work at their best after such a long period.

The power supply board could be faulty and that might cause the same sort of problem. But this is all guess work and if the machine was bought recently and sold as being in working condition I'd try to get my money back.

Modding the Xbox can be done in three main ways: by using a purposed designed chip, softmodding by using a specific game exploit and flashing the TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package). The latter is a type of chip already on the Xbox's main board which by soldering in a few extra wires to particular contact points can be flashed with a new BIOS. It will then act just as if it was one of those purposes designed chips I mentioned had been fitted.

The purpose of all of these modding options is to allow a new GUI (Graphical User Inteface), generally referred to as a dashboard, to be installed. That in turn means you can run apps which will release the full potential of the Xbox as a games playing machine or even media centre.

For instance you'll be able to fit a new bigger hard drive and rip many types of disc based media ie. audio CDs, DVDs and Xbox games to that and run them directly from there. Many people install XBMC (Xbox Media Centre) which even considering the Xbox's hardware's age will turn it into what can still be a very useful multimedia player and library.

The Xbox is also still a pretty good platform for running emulators as well and some users go the whole hog and turn it into the core of an arcade games cabinet.

There are loads of things you can use the Xbox for once modded and a lot of customisiation that can be done too. Playing around with it, learning how to and getting it set up precisely as you want is almost a hobby in its own right.

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