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Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:13 pm   
Post subject: Thumbdrive formatting problems
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Hello all, forgive me if this is covered elsewhere - I tried searching but came up empty handed.

Anyways - long and short of it is that I'm trying to softmod a couple xboxes and I added a USB to one of my controllers. So I plug in the thumbdrive (4gig Sandisk Cruzer) and all seems well. Drive lights up, I go to memory on the dashboard, it lags for a second, and the drive shows up as a memory card. I am able to add game saves to the drive. They show up on a different machine in memory, they work to load the games, they save to the stick with no issues even when powering everything off and then back on.

My issue is this - I never get the memory error, and it never says that it is formatting the drive. When I attempt to access the drive in xplorer360 (I tried 4 or 5 different programs actually) the drive doesn't show. I can't manually search for it. My computer insists that there is no FATX device connected even though the drive shows up on my device list and in windows explorer (the computer shows the format as blank)

This is on my old windows vista machine.

What I need to know is - if the stick is working and saving files, it must be in FATX right?

If it's FATX why can't I find it on xplorer/any similar programs? I tried to format it using the USB FATX Formatting program (which I found on here) and I can't get the program to recognize the drive so that I can format it.

I'm at a loss. I have ZERO clue why the stick would work but not show on my computer. I just want the damn thing to work.

Sorry for the wall of text, any help is greatly appreciated - let me know if there are further details any of you all may need for diagnosis.

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Post Posted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:12 am   
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Sorry but I have to ask if you're actually using Xplorer360 correctly?

The GUI isn't helpful in that when it loads the interface will be blank. You need to click on the Drive tab > Open > Harddrive or Memory card. That should cause Xplorer360 to search for any FATX attached devices and if it finds one will show it as Partion 0 in the left pane. You need to click on that to display the contents.

If its not that are using Xplorer360.beta6? If not see if you can find that version somewhere. It is what I use and has never had any problem detecting my FATX formatted flash drive a 1GB Sandisk Cruzer.

BTW if your computer doesn't flag up the flash drive as unformatted when you first attach it then there is something wrong and it is probably not FATX formatted.

The PC should recognise the flash drive and Sandisk Utilities or something like that may be shown loading. But when it finishes you should be prompted to reformat the drive. OBVIOUSLY: DON'T DO THAT. Just cancel the message and boot Xplorer360.

Another thought leading on from that - if you're using XBMC as your dash then that usually doesn't FATX format. If the drive was FAT32 it will stay that way and show up as such in XBMC's File Manager. You can copy Xbox files to it and it still won't reformat.

Try going to the MS dash and that should force the FATX formating if you go into Memory.

However be aware that there are some very weird things that can happen with flash drives when used with the Xbox. Don't be surprised if your apparently working flash drive doesn't respond or goes missing once FATX formatted. It is a real lottery finding a working one which doesn't have some issues.

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