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Post Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 6:05 pm   
Post subject: A little help for a newbie modder! (Is anyone out there?)
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I just acquired 3 original xbox's (1.1, 1.4, 1.6(a/b)) and I want to go TSOP flash route, but I am unsure how to proceed. Is there a way to flash the TSOP without buying a modchip? (they are becoming hard to find from reputable sellers). I have already soldered the points on the 1.4, I'm good with a solder iron and I can handle flashing f/w, but I feel like I am missing something. I mean is it REALLY just as simple as bridging a couple of connections and inserting the AID 4.53 disc? Or am I supposed to use a game save hack after bridging the points (If that's the case then I am having trouble finding the save game files). Is there an LPT or serial connection that I am should solder in place and use?

Honestly everything after checking the mobo version and soldering is kind of blurry for me. Question Anyone that can help this come into focus would seriously be my hero right now...

I really need to be able to disable the DVD drive check and the HD lock check. So a hardmod is the path I want to take.

Thanks in advance guys!

Ok I THINK I am supposed to use a game exploit (007, Mechassault, SplinterCell) after bridging the proper connections on the motherboard. I can make the wires/mod the controller for usb. I am not sure where to get the files, if the need to be altered via hex editor or the like, or if I should hotswap THEN (using the bridged points on the mobo) use that softmod to write a new BIOS to the TSOP chip.
Let me know when I am getting close Laughing

Ok first I have to softmod the xbox, then bridge the TSOP connections, THEN use the AID disc....I think. I'll be softmodding one of my consoles this week/end (hotswap more than likely) and post my results for anyone that cares. I may make a post in the TSOP flashing forums as well. I feel like this answer has been staring me right in the face this whole time

Hotswapped my 1.4 yesterday after some trial and error. I did have some issues getting the right master/slave/cable select set up for the drives and I ended up using the computers connection to power the xbox hd. I used ndure 3.1 packaged inside of xboxhdm, backed up the eeprom and installed ndure on c: . (that long wait was making me nervous). The xbox booted up the AID 4.53 disc! I'll be using that to flash the (non-winbound) TSOP chip then installing a lager ide hard dirive.
I know there is a way to flash the bios without haveing to softmod first and without using a modchip, but again I am missing some bit of information or software, soooo many broken links and missing downloads *sniff* I miss you xbins .

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