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Post Posted: Sat May 11, 2013 3:48 am   
Post subject: Super Street Fighter/Puzzle 2 X Arcade DIP Switch Hacking
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Use Family Guys Selfboot Pack v1.4 32-bit Edition and TOSEC GDI files to ensure you are working with quality files. Simply open the 1ST_READ.BIN with a hex tool and look for this string 1032 0D8B and replace it with 0800 0D8B and run binpatch.exe with all options unchecked but changed LBA value to 45000 on DP2 files 2_DP.BIN, MAIGO.BIN, SG_DPLDR.BIN to crack protection of GDI files. BTW this hack also works for Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X to get it selfbooting and has similar DIP switches to alter as they are "Arcade Perfect" ports of the CPS2 boards.

Thanks goes out to NRG for the help cracking this one, updated by atreyu187 of ReviveDC/DCCM on 1/24/2013

Super Street Fighter II X: Grandmaster Challenge for Matching Service
for Sega Dreamcast (Japan)

* Secrets/Dip Switch Menu FAQ v 0.1 *

August 30, 2001
Written by Marauder

Sega Dreamcast is (c) Sega Co.
Street Fighter is (c) Capcom Co., Ltd.

Table of Contents
Secrets Guide
Dip Switch Menu Guide
Revision History

Super Street Fighter II X: Grandmaster Challenge for Matching Service
(SSF2X) is an arcade-perfect port for Sega Dreamcast which is only available
in Japan. The North American arcade version is called "Super Street Fighter
II Turbo." One of the great features of the DC port is the hidden dip switch
menu which allows you to tweak all kinds of settings, including the option
of enabling English victory quotes and endings.

This document is a guide to secrets and the dip switch menu contained in
Super Street Fighter II X for Sega Dreamcast.

LP Light Punch, or Jab (initially assigned to X on the DC controller)
MP Medium Punch, or Strong (initially assigned to Y)
HP Hard Punch, or Fierce (initially assigned to L/Z)
LK Light Kick, or Short (initially assigned to A)
MK Medium Kick, or Forward (initially assigned to B)
HK Hard Kick, or Roundhouse (initially assigned to R/C)

Secrets Guide
Select the SSF2 (Super) version of a character
Highlight the desired character, press LP, enter the corresponding code
from the list below, and press LP. When a character is selected with this
code, he appears in his original "Street Fighter II" colours. In the
following list only, L means Left on the D-Pad, R means Right on the D-Pad,
U means Up on the D-Pad, and D means Down on the D-Pad.

Character Code
--------- ----
E. Honda UUUD
Chun Li DDDU
Blanka RLLL
Zangief LRRR
Guile UDDD
Dhalsim DUUU
T. Hawk RRLL
Cammy UUDD
Dee Jay DDUU
Fei Long LLRR
M.Bison (USA: Balrog) RLLR
Balrog (USA: Vega) LRRL
Sagat UDDU
Vega (USA: M. Bison) DUUD

Access EX Option Menu
To access the secret EX ("Extra") option menu, highlight "Options" at the
main menu, hold down L (or Z on the arcade stick/fighting pad), and press A.
For an English description of the options available in this menu, please
refer to my SSF2X Translation Guide.

Unlock Dip Switch Menu
Finish the game with the "Turbo" (normal) version and "Super" (SSF2)
version of each character. At the main menu, highlight "Options", hold down
Y and press Start.

Select Gouki
At the character selection screen, press START + LP + MP + HP

Select Shin Gouki
Enable the hidden dip switch menu. Change switch "28" (the switch in the
3rd row, 9th column) to "1". At the character selection screen,
press START + LK + MK + HK simultaneously. Unlike regular Gouki, Shin Gouki
has a double air fireball.

Select Ten Gouki
Unlock the hidden dip switch menu. Set dip switches "27" and "28" to "1".
Switch "27" is the switch in the 3rd row, 8th column. Switch "28" is the
switch in the 3rd, row, 9th column. At the character selection screen,
press START + MP + HP + MK + HK simultaneously. Ten Gouki is like Shin Gouki,
except he also has the Shun Goku Satsu Super move.

Dip Switch Menu Guide
To unlock the hidden dip switch menu, finish the game with the "Turbo"
(normal) version and "Super" (SSF2) version of each character.

To access the dip switch menu, highlight "Options" at the main menu, hold
down Y and press START. A screen containing a grid of zeroes and ones will
appear, where a zero represents an "off" switch and a one represents an
"on" switch. The programmers have provided several preset configurations
under the heading "Auto Setting", each of which is assigned to a date:

1993/10/03 ver
1994/02/23 ver
1994/05/29 ver
2000/12/22 ver
????/??/?? ver

To select a preset configuration, highlight "Auto Setting", press A,
highlight the desired date and press A again. To set the dip switches
manually, highlight "Manual Setting" and press A.

In this guide, the switches are represented by a hexadecimal grid:

00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0a 0b 0c 0d 0e 0f
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 1f
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 2a 2b 2c 2d 2e 2f
30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 3a 3b 3c 3d 3e 3f

For example, the switch in the third row and fifth column is represented by
"24" and the switch in the second row and eleventh column is represented by
"1a". Many of switches' functions are unknown; a list of the known switches
follows. A description of each switch is given, and its behaviour when
turned "off" or "on" is listed.

Confirmed Switches
All of the switches in the following table have been tested and confirmed.

Switch Description Off (0) On (1)
------ ----------- ------- ------
10 Darkened screen during Super Disabled Enabled
11 Balrog's (USA: Vega) Super (Note I) (Note II)
Meter consumption
19 Slowdown when stunned Enabled Disabled
1b Character portraits below Enabled Disabled
life meters
1c Character name colour Blue Yellow
1d Life meter transparency Enabled Disabled
1e Survival mode Disabled Enabled
22 ?`s in arcade lineup Enabled Disabled
27 Ten Akuma Disabled Enabled
(28 must also be on)
28 Shin Akuma Disabled Enabled
2a Language Japanese English
2f Introduction type SSF2X SSF2

Note I: Balrog's (USA: Vega) Super meter is only used when he grabs
his opponent successfully during his super. (Default)
Note II: Balrog's (USA: Vega) Super meter gets consumed when touches the wall.

- When switch 19 is off, the game slows down when a player is stunned (not
dizzied) by a projectile such as Ryu's fireball or Guile's sonic boom.
- When survival mode (switch 1e) is enabled, you have to fight all 16
fighters in Arcade mode. In this mode, players cannot continue or join in.
- When switch 2f is off, the introduction movie and music are taken from the
arcade version of SSF2X. When switch 2f is on, the intro movie and music
are taken from the arcade version of SSF2.
- The effects of switch 2a (language) on various parts of the game are:
Description Off On
----------- --- --
Victory Quotes Japanese English
Endings Japanese English
Boxer's Name M. Bison Balrog
Bullfighter's Name Balrog Vega
Final Boss' Name Vega M. Bison
Cammy's QCF+K Move "Spiral Arrow" "Cannon Drill"
Cammy's F,D,DF+K "Cannon Spike" "Thrust Kick"
Move Speech

Unconfirmed Switches
Haven't had time to test switches 03, 05 and 24. I'm not sure what switch
32 is supposed to do....

Switch Description Off (0) On (1)
------ ----------- ------- ------
03 Location test ending Usual ending Test ending
05 Staff credits roll type Dreamcast Arcade original
24 Default high score name POO MNR
32 Same colour selection Disabled Enabled
36 Vacuum Final Atomic Buster Disabled Enabled

- The trick to access the EX options menu was submitted to GameFAQs' Codes
and Secrets section for SSF2X by akiman.
- The codes to select SSF2 versions of fighters were discovered by jasonwk
of GameFAQs.
- The trick to select Gouki was submitted to GameFAQs by Gouki_.
- The tricks to unlock the dip switch menu and to select Shin Gouki and Ten
Gouki were discovered by SHUN GOKU SATSU of GameFAQs.
- Many of the dip switch settings were originally posted on the GameFAQs
message board for SSF2X DC by x977, RavenSquad77, ehonda and others.

Revision History
Version 0.1 (August 30, 2001)
- Initial revision. A lot of information is missing from the dip switch menu

Version 0.2 (1/24/2013)
-Added tools and hack details.


Written by Marauder & atreyu187

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