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Post Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:49 pm   
Post subject: What does an xbox do to check that the dash is legit?
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Wow... my account still works on here? Awesome! How's everyone doing? Haven't talked in forever, it feels like!

Anyway, to my point with this thread. One of my xboxen just recently started having problems. It would go through the normal flubber and Microsoft logo booting things, and anything from that point on would take quite a bit longer than usual. My default dash is XBMC on it, and it took nearly 10 minutes to boot. Once it was booted, every second or two, or whenever I hit a key, it would lag for ~15 seconds. I booted to the retail dash, and even it took quite a bit to boot. A quick google later, it indicated I had a cache problem. I cleared the cache, rebooted, and still the same results. By this point, I basically decided the harddrive was on it's last leg, and just barely limping along. I had been meaning to upgrade the harddrive in it for the longest time (it was still the stock seagate 8gb). so i decided now was as good a time as any.

My xbox is a 1.6, so I didn't want to use chimp (plus I had a hard time finding it. The usual places' protocol has changed and just generally doesn't like me anymore). Having switched to linux since last modding my xbox, I no longer had my ndure+xboxhdm ISO handy (that's how I modded my last four xboxen). More googling, and I had a similar tutorial that I figured would lead me in the correct direction. It suggested using the files supplies with slayer's disc. I followed it (and might I add this process is a LOT easier when I have my eeprom... no more hotswapping for me!) and finished promptly. I lock and place in the new harddrive (Some random Quantum Fireball 40g I had laying around), and hit the power button with fingers crossed.

It boots to the retail MS dash. "Alright," I thought, "it boots, so that is definitely a plus! I bet if I just put an xbe on the C drive of, for example, UnleashX, and called it xboxbdash.xbe it would boot to that instead!" ... It doesn't. I get error 13. (Yes, we may all share a laugh at my expense at this point... newbie mistake, I'm sure! Very Happy)

So, that brings me to this post. What does the xbox do to check and make sure it's the retail dash? Or is it not actually that it's checking to see if it's the retail dash, but that something in the eeprom is confused and the kernels are incompatible? Or am I just proverbially speaking from my rectum?

TL;DR Version: It worked. Then it broke. Then I tried to fix it. Booted to retail dash. Played with some files. Error 13. Whoops. What to do from here?

The internet suggests running a dash update from a more recent game, but it suggests it under a different context. I can't try it now, but since I still have the original HDD and I also have my eeprom, I'm not afraid to try it come Monday night (I can't mess with it this weekend...)

P.S. to all those who I knew... What have y'all been up to?


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