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Xbox-HQ User

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Post Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 4:35 pm   
Post subject: Hackers,Programmers,ect. New Idea!
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Can someone make or create a program that runs from the PC that will operate like Configuration Magic. It has to be able to read and write to xbox format from the PC. It should have things like Hard drive repair,xbox modding,and game back up features.
I know we have xboxhdm 1.9, but config magic can do more to recover a hard drive than xboxhdm. Maybe a combined version of xboxhdm and Config magic would be nice. Most computers now days don't even have a floppy drive. So, most of the hard disk unlock tools on xboxhdm are outdated.
I personally have 5 hard drives that just don't unlock or when they are unlock don't lock, and I can't restore my xbox. So, I purchased the xbox360. It's not as fun and far more expensive. Not as many titles available and all my xbox back ups don't even work. I know they sell a mod for that too, but hardware VS software becomes my issue.
I have a hd unlock program for the pc, but it can not read the xbox hard drive, or I can't run the program from xboxhdm. I have two xboxes and a 360 now. Both xboxes were tampered with by my 4 years old. Somehow the eeprom and the softmod back up were deleted. Now I have worthless hardware.
Oh and a softmod that works without opening up the xbox would be nice. Like using the ethernet cable to hack into the xbox using a PC or mac would be nice.
I guess I am just wishing here. But Just a idea. I hate having to open my computer everytime I want to reformat an xbox or repair the software.
Less concentration on making the xbox more like a PC and make the PC more like an xbox or at least more control from a PC would be nice. Laughing

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