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Xbox-HQ Enthusiast
Xbox-HQ Enthusiast

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Post Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 1:09 pm   
Post subject: Flashed bios. Just no idea
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Ok this has been ongoing for a couple of weeks now & to be honest I'm just fed up with it. Question

Chip x2.3b lite
Built with AIDeluxe 3.01

Prob started when installed PBL from my AID disk just out of curiosity.
I ended up with a system that when booted get to the xbox splash screen wont load anything and the lights flash to what looks like green/orange/red, but this could well be green to red.

The system spins up twice on boot and after the second spin the word linux appears under xbox and thats when the lights start flashing. If i attempt to put a disk in after this, it sounds as though its kicked in but the screen stays the same and the lights keep flashing.

Any attempt to interupt the 2 spin cycle so i could slip in my AID disk for instance results in the flashing lights. Occasionally i can boot an orig game from booting with it in the drive but this only applies to orig disks and it is only very occasionally.

After a lot of head scratching i was advised to get a x2 programmer which i did and it seemed to work well. Used x2bm v23 and installed flashbios 3.03 on 1 bank and x2 4983 on the other. Everything went well verified, read etc.

So then has anyone any idea why o why o why the linux sign has now been replaced with an xecuter 2 one and the lights still flash from red/green nothing bootable etc.

Should popint out tried few other bios's but that was furthest got.

If switch to other bank cant flashbios comes up but cant use menu screen flashes up IDE controller but i havent got an orig controller

Also HDD is unlocked so cant access MS dash with chip off.

I'm just at a loss. Any ideas people please!


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Xbox-HQ Elite Member
Xbox-HQ Elite Member

Xbox Version: 1.4
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Post Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 8:13 pm   
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The reason you are getting Xecuter2 text under the X at the splash screen is because you obviously have an xecuter2 bios flashed to the mod chip.

Unfortunately, I am unsure why you would be still getting the frag even after successfully flashing another bios to the chip via a programmer.

If you pop an installer disk like AID 3.0 in when you boot your xecuter2 bios do you get the aid disk menu??

When you get the frag, are you getting any error codes, any video?? Or are you still just getting the on, off, on off, on, frag, no audio/video scenerio?

If you are, I would have to say try another bios.

Most of the time, when you get that on/off cycle with a frag it is either a bad chip install or bad bios. Since you get the flashbios screen, I would say your chip is placed on the LPC fine. That just leaves me thinking that the bios is corrupt.

Xbox 1.4
Xenium Ice
200GB HD
Refs: Pson, dbeal, impwiz

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