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Post Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:39 am   
Post subject: DIRECTV DVR scrap finds & Clock cap replace inquiry
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I came across an AV (n HighDef) DirecTV DVR, so naturally I scrapped the shit heap. I got some goodies; initially looking for the HDD, which is a 160GB (IDE Ultra/PATA!) Seagate ST3160215ACE. As well as the fan: a 50mm, 12V 0.7W, two-wire, maglev bearing by Sunon. They also have nice 50mm fan grates that are easily removed with any metal cutting saw, once you peel away the surrounding labels. I prefer Zippo fuel or straight petrol to clean off any label adhesive on any project, although light petroleum distillate like Zippo often proves a better choice then raw stuff. My favorite use for the grates are in PSU's like a slim or elite 360's PSU. Although you want a fan with about double the wattage of 0.7W for a 360 PSU.

I then saw the PSU has a mess of little capacitors that are about the size of an Xbox clock cap, but their specs are way higher. Stock clocker is 2.5V 1F if I remember, but one of these monsters is 50V 10F, and the bigger ones are 25V 100F. The biggest that will physically fit are 16V 1000F. I've never done a cap swap of such a difference, would that even be safe or functional?

Any other cap & I wouldn't even try. Although I assume that because the clock cap is so nonessential for pre-1.6's like mine, I have some room for leeway. Such a difference still sounds insane to me though. Please advise.

P.S. Excuse the photo quality.

DVR Faceplate (unsure of model/version)
 Filesize:  218.23 KB
 Viewed:  397 Time(s)


160GB Seagate ST3160215ACE IDE/PATA DB35.3 series
 Filesize:  276.53 KB
 Viewed:  428 Time(s)


50mm Fan with view of my box (torx screws hanging out)
 Filesize:  230.17 KB
 Viewed:  403 Time(s)


Smallest caps: right of thumb one 50V, left row of thumb four 25V's
 Filesize:  230.03 KB
 Viewed:  406 Time(s)


Durable & aesthetic 50mm grate (not yet removed)
 Filesize:  255.81 KB
 Viewed:  416 Time(s)


8 inch IDE cable
 Filesize:  260.42 KB
 Viewed:  423 Time(s)


4 & 1/4 inch 4-pin molex cable
 Filesize:  241.21 KB
 Viewed:  433 Time(s)


320GB ST3320620A 7200RPM 16MB Cache
GELID GC-Extreme Thermal Compound
X-DU 512KB Chip & Toggle Switch
StarTech 80 wire UATA Cable
XBMC 3.5.3 Dashboard
Taiyo Yuden Clock Cap
80mm Xilence Hydro
iND-BiOS 5004

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