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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:10 am   
Post subject: Problems with hotswapping - Error 7 and SiD5 d/l problems
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First of to say thanks for everything on here it is a great resource !!
I have came across it as I have 2 xbox`s that I want to run XBMC on

For the first one (black) I was trying to hotswap and could not get the HDD to unlock
I was doing it blind and trying to cause an error 12 by removing the leads from the DVD drive, I never checked that an error 12 ever came up but the light was flashing. This Xbox worked fine before I touched
After many unsuccessful attempts at getting the drive to unlock I hooked it up to a TV to check the code and saw a Error 7

After reading up on an error 7, I checked the the cable was connected correctly, I even changed the IDE cable and still had no luck
The drive doesn't even seem to be spinning now

Is this HDD toast ?
Is there anyway to sort it ?

The other Xbox I have is a crystal box that was previously softmodded but had a problem and wouldn't load the dash,
I managed to hot swap this one successfully and reverted back to the stock MS dash so I could get the kernel as it would load the menu before
I then hotswapped again and used NDure
I now have a problem now that when at the dash it keeps scrolling to the bottom like the down is stuck on the controller. The controller worked fine before so I don't think it is that. I only have one controller so cant try another one just now, I am working on trying to get a hold of some more.

I was thinking it was maybe something to do with the install so was wanting to try again using SID5 Babylon but am struggling to download the final part (4)
It says the file is missing from madiafire ?
Is there somewhere else I can download this from ?
Would my other option be AID ? all though I like the sound of Babylon

Sorry for the long spiel I just wanted to add as much info as I can

Cheers in advance for any help !!

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:29 am   
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It is common for HDD to $hit them self's right when you want to put lots of things on them.

I just had a Sea-gate drive last night fail a test & format,
Some people would had binned it,
But i got it working again.

The HDD you are Hot-swapping,
Test your drive with just power plug in the HDD
hold the sides in your hand & tilt your hand left & right for gyro force test.
If it's not spinning could be toast.
has it been modded before,
You may be able to use the default unlock password.
I personally don't like Hot-swapping,
I like to get the Eeprom from the board to lock drive to it, But that's me.

"Controller scrolling" That is definitely a controller problem.
I had to replace left & right trigger pots in the controller as they were faulty. You can get aftermarket controllers from sleazBay(China) cheap.

I have clicked on report dead links for Babylon part 4.

You can try AID,
I think it's in the VIP download section.

Sorry i could not answer your post earlier,
I had a very busy two days getting things done here.

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