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Post Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:57 pm   
Post subject: DVD2xbox troubles
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Hi all,

When I was using dvd2xbox the other day, I went into its skins section and changed its skin from project mayhem III to windows xp.

The application froze, I rebooted my xbox, tried to select from applications via Unleash (Ux the proper acronym?), but my screen simply got stuck on the Tony Montana scarface in his chair background displayed when switching applications.

I also tried accessing dvd2xbox via apps in XBMC and had no luck either.

I also tried FPTing the whole app file to my computer, deleting from Xbox and then FTPing it back. The application still won't open and the xbox freezes when it tries to open it.

I suspect there is some sort of xml or text file I should be able modify to put it back on the project mayhem 3 skin.

If there is no way to modify the file, I can easily FTP copy of the default setting DVD2XBOX app from hq's download section back into the xbox.

Which version of dvd2xbox is in the autobuilder package? Or was only one version of dvd2xbox ever made?

Thanks all

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Post Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:09 am   
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^^ good question about the versions...can't say what is the latest/different ones but SPPV would've the most recent item at the time of creating the autobuidler apps! (your version question still stands here)
you said you "ftp" the dvd2xbox app from the console to the computer and back again? (the same item)
i can't recall the directory structure off the top of my head but in UNLX, highlight the item and press start once to bring up a submenu and look for "item info", should tell you the program ID # and it's save directory! (in theory)
anyway, KILL that old dvd2xbox app altogether.....if you can't locate the cfg/xml file then remove the entire directory and purge all caches before a restart, THEN you FTP/install a CLEAN non-run version! (pull the archive off SPPV's XBMC installer or get the standalone item onsite?)
scrub any cfg's of dvd2xbox you can find, if not...PURGE all evidence of the existing app and FTP/install a clean non-run version!
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it's likely you screwed the cfg (or xbe) in some way if you're getting a lockup in console activity!
whenever i've had items do that and i wasn't able to locate/modify it's cfg back to default, it had to be removed and after, a clean install of whatever the program was....
can't say i've had half the issues you've faced on the xbox let alone dvd2xbox!
try using the UNLX frontend to dump a disk to hdd, dvd2xbox is virtually redundant but it's on SPPV's apps for the eventuality that somebody may use it. (or it's possible the app patches the xbe differently to some game versions than UNLX does?)
i'm honestly at a loss what could cause your freezup...then again, i've never "personalised" it's appearance (just cfg) was almost two years ago i actually properly used the item....thank f*ck for UNLEASHX disk dump (and xbe patch) tool! Razz

to all my friends... farewell and all the best to future prosperity... and remember, be excellent to each other! Wink

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