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Joined: Oct 09, 2011
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Post Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:50 am   
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You can browser this site nicely even on an Xbox if you use linksbox or Linux.

But I do agree the site is abolutely massive and could do with some decluttering. Any plans hobbs?


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Joined: Jan 17, 2013
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Post Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:44 am   
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kennethk wrote:
Besides the annoying ads it's been a fun ride.

Hi all,

I've been digging around the forums for the past hour. I personally thought a lot about how HQ can stay afloat with these server costs. Until there is a way to host web sites that doesn't require server cooling etc. The internet will always cost money. Unfortunately it's not just floating around in the air. Although some of us still pretend (like me heh heh...)

I originally donated to the site thinking I needed apps from the VIP section. It turned out I really didn't. You know why? I had SPPV and others who were kind enough to show me the ropes until this little bird starting flapping his wings by himself.

In the end my donation really a way for me to say thanks to you SPPV and others for all the advice and help they gave and still continue to offer. Sure I may have donated originally thinking SPPV would help me more or that I would get better apps, but that really didn't matter.

What's important is that all of us try to do our part to keep this site alive as long as possible. With the xbox-scene forums apparently down for good and the old xbox hacker forums long since dead, this is our last home, our last bastion of knowledge. Donations may not seem like a lot, but if us regulars chip in, it always helps.


Regarding those pesky ads, I hate most ads, I detest them on television and I hate them on the internet too. On the other hand, money doesn't just grow on trees. I use adblock plus personally, but I donated knowing Hobbs does this out of pocket so I don't feel any guilt from blocking ads.

The advertisements I do see on the site don't appear as relevant as they should be. Honestly Hobbs, I think you should follow the model of xbox-scene:

1.) Run advertisements for modchips! If people are on here to learn about consoles, they'll probably be interested to invest their money in quality modding hardware which works. Don't just stick an add at the top of hq pages from an outside modchip site. Create your own custom code so adblock plus doesn't detect it as an add.

Most importantly, negotiate with the modchip retailers for an x% discount per HQ customer and a share of their profits based on traffic from HQ or better yet, have our users state use a coupon code obtained from here. That way the modchip retailers would directly see how many sales came from our users and members. They'd probably be much more inclined to offer you a cut of their profits that way.

2.) Run advertisements for modchip/case modding or other types of modding services through HQ. If an experienced staff member doesn't mind doing it for a hobby and a little bit of extra dough, then you can get some more money that way.

Essentially my point is to run relevant ads, yes I have seen some for video games, but the ads were just cheesy flash ads. Just use simple high-quality photos of modchips etc like other sites do and testimonials from modchip users of sponsored brands (assuming their product actually works well...).

I think this site can stay alive for a long time. For any users out there reading this, if you hate and block ads or just love how much the HQ sites have done for you then open up your hearts and most importantly your wallets Laughing and donate a little bit.

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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Nov 06, 2013
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Post Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:29 am   
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These adds show up more on my Droid phone,
That's why i don't use my phone to log on here, way too slow loading.

Same here Halofan,
I originally donated to the site for two reasons (1) thinking I needed apps from the VIP section, and i didn't even use it, Live VIP chat doesn't even work.

SPPV helped me with a lot of things and with he's Babylon software.

(2)I wanted to keep this site alive by donating a week after registering here,
I have seen way too many good sites disappear and this could be another.

Please help keep this site alive by donating to let Admin know how much WE all need this site to stay alive,
Or it will disappear and everything will be gone forever.
I think Admins have lost some interest in this site.''Finance burden''
I want to keep this site together for a long time, I can't do this on my own.
Support has already dropped away and this site is slowly dying.

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