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Post Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:04 am   
Post subject: HELP with the X-Tender PLZ!!
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Sorry i reposted twice on here and another forum just trying to see if someone knows about this thanks..Hi everyone well to get first started i fried my 1.6 power board because the metal on the xtender touched a peice on the power board so i had to wait to get a new one. Then Finally got another one everything works fine on ther guide for the xtender they wanted you to sodder to two points on the 1.6 well i did that nothing worked. Then i did some tinkering around and i spliced the orange 5v and connected the yellow 3v together then were my 5v for my modchip powers up i soddered it there. Think its crazy ya but hey it works powers on and everything you just dont hook up the red wire or it will have continous power to it and wont shut off. OK NOW THE PROBLEM... I have a 120gb looks like its using evox a 320gb using unleashed and a regular 8gb stock m$ hd. Now when i hook up the 120gbhd to power 1 and then i check to see if it works. I power it up everything runs fine. Ok now when i hook the 320gb one to Power 2 and then turn xbox off and switch the switch to 2nd hd=power 2 it gives me a error 08. Then i thought there was something wrong with that harddrive so i just hooked it up by itself in power 2 meaning i unpluged power 1=120gb hd everything works fine.. My question is, is it because 1 harddrive is using evox and the other harddrive is using unleashed or does anyone have any thing that might help me figure this out so i can finally close my xbox its been open for like a month now trying to figure this out. Well thanks Hope Someone can help me..
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