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Post Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2004 7:28 pm   
Post subject: cheats for manhunt chapter11
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need help with level 11 in manhunt anyone knows what am i supposed to do here.


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Post Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2004 10:40 pm   
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My favourite game Smile

I dunno what you mean specifically with helping out, but I've cut/pasted level 11 out of a walkthrough for you:

Part 01

Turn around at the start and grab the wire up ahead on your right, then turn around once more and use the switch on the wall beside the guy in the electric chair.

Hide in the dark room on your left while the enemy notices the poor guy's
screams and eventually turns the chair off. Execute the enemy and take his meat cleaver, then run through the door that he was guarding and make note of the painkillers in the room by the bloody mattress should you need them later.

Grab the bottle up ahead as you run through the double doors, then carefully walk around the corner on your right. Stalk the closest enemy from the shadows of the pillars [tap if needed] before executing him, then hide the body if you can do it without being seen.

Either way you should try and lure the remaining trio of enemies in this area to their death. Once all four enemies are dead you should switch your meat cleaver for one of their revolvers, then run along the light wall on your left towards the door with the green light.

Run through that particular door to reach your first save point on the other

Part 02

Head left a little and tap the wall to lure an enemy, then hide in the shadows and shoot him in the head. Grab the ammo and run to another shadowy area as you pick off the remaining four enemies in this area and collect their ammo.

Grab the painkillers in the second broken building, then pick up the
gas can and take it towards the gate in the far left corner. Put it down
before the enemy sees you, then shoot him and bring the gas can hrough the gate.

Follow the passage around a few corners before passing through another gate, then set the gas can down before shooting an enemy amid the boxes on your right.

Pick up the gas can after a short cutscene and place it at the bricked-up doorway opposite the gate. Go right of the gas can and back up a bit, then shoot it to break the wall.

Shoot the enemy that comes running from inside, then start running up the stairs inside. Run up 5 sets of stairs, then walk up the final set so a nearby enemy doesn't hear you. Use the switch [press spacebar] on the wall instead and run all the way back to the ground floor, then run through the open gate and use the save point.

Part 03

Run towards the double doors ahead, then open one of them as you shoot an enemy in the face. Shoot two more enemies in the same way before entering the building, then pick up their ammo as you kill two more enemies.

Switch your revolver for a light handgun and head left through a door to find some painkillers and some stairs. Climb the stairs and switch to the shotgun, then enter the door to your right and shoot a trio of enemies.

Run through the double doors at the end of the room as you grab some painkillers and shoot a pair of enemies, then run through the exit doors to your right and run up the stairs beyond to reach the roof.

Run out and shoot both enemies in the head, then grab the painkillers at the bottom of the guard tower ahead if you need them. Otherwise go up the ramp and kill the last enemy of the stage.

Pick up his body and bring it back down the ramp and into the guard house just opposite the ramp to end the stage.

One other small tip, I hear you get a "special reward' if you only bring the head of the last guard into the guardhouse. I'm not sure where or what it gives you though...

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Post Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 5:53 pm   
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how did ya go zanetti???
I only wish i had time to get up to that level lol ... Smile hehehe

Hope you beat it.



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Post Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 12:02 am   
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"Something smell funny, no not Fug"

LOL Laughing

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