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Xbox-Hq.Com :: View topic - How to backup NGage MMC (Tony Hawk) Cards (Roms)
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Post Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2004 7:29 am   
Post subject: How to backup NGage MMC (Tony Hawk) Cards (Roms)
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********** This guide is intended for LEGAL use of making backups of already owned games*****

*insert an original N-gage game into the device and connect to pc via USB.

*load up Winhex version 10 or higher as a previous version wont recognise the n-gage
as a memory device (freeware version avalible but needs registering ;D )

*go to Tools> disc tools> clone disc and select your n-gage as the source file and
create a new file for your destination. Tick 'copy entire source disc file' and click ok.

*once done remove your n-gage and swap the original game for a blank MMC and reconnect
to pc.

*once again go to clone disc but this time select the file you created as the source and
the blank disc in your n-gage as the destination and click ok. if you get an error saying
'invalid input' put a 0 in the 'start sector box'.

*once finnished you will have an exact copy of your original game. your pc wont recognise
the files untill you disconnect and reconnect the n-gage. Now you can copy the files to
your pc's hard drive as a backup of your already owned original n-gage game.

For those of you that have seen or downloaded any 'beta' games off of edonkey this is
exactly how they are made.

Getting the backups to play is a different matter as if you try to play them you will
get an error message saying 'corrupt memory device' and your n-gage will restart. This
seems to be some form of copy protection, anyone who knows how to fix this should email
me at infinite__fire@ hotmail.com (thats two under scores) or reply here.

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