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Joined: Apr 17, 2007
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Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:10 am   
Post subject: The ultimate SID 4 installer tut
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Important Note: Don’t use this softmod installer if your xbox is a region 2 PAL xbox. These xboxes don’t like the EEPROM patching much. If you have a region 2 PAL xbox don’t use this installer, use SID 4.5 instead. Likewise, if your xbox is NTSC or any other region PAL xbox use this installer.

Note: You must have the newest xbox dashboard for SID to work. If you need to update the dash, put in halo 2 or any game newer than that without the Ethernet cord to upgrade the Dash.

Note: You also must have made an xbox live gamertag before you install this because you can’t after the softmod is on. Either make an xbox live gamertag before you put this on or uninstall the softmod later, and then put it back on after you made the gamertag.

For this you will need:
Action replay
The files- http://rapidshare.com/files/26563234/sid_1_.4.0.nknave.edition.xbox-hq.rar.html

And one of these games (not platinum hits):
Splinter cell
007 Agent under fire
Mechassult- when you have the game save highlighted inside the game the description should read:
Controls: Normal
Difficulty: Regular
Current Level: Going Down Hard
If not then you will need a different version or get splinter cell or 007

Note: Once your get the files DO NOT EXTRACT MORE THAN THE FIRST FILE. Leave all of the other files in the .rar format; they are SUPPOSED to be like this. If you don’t leave them in the .rar format then you will get a game save error. Also if you have softmodded before or have some on now, take them off because these need to be the only files on your xbox.

Step 1: Install Action replay, or if you already have it on your computer, open it up.

Step 2: Plug in your Action replay USB adapter and make sure it has your memory card in it.

Step 3: Take the SID4.NK.Launcher file and drag it over to the PC database section of Action replay. Also drag over your save file. Use SID4.NK.Loader.007AUF if your using 007. Use SID4.NK.Loader.Mechassault if you’re going to use mechassult. For NSTC xboxes use SID4.NK.Loader.SplinterCell.NTSC for splinter cell. If your PAL then use the SID4.NK.Loader.SplinterCell.PAL for the splinter cell save.

Note: only the splinter cell save has the NTSC and PAL game saves. Mechassult and 007 game saves work for both kind of xboxes.

Step 4: Drag the softmod files and the game save over to your memory card.

Note: If your didn’t leave the files in the .rar format then you will get a “not a valid xbox game save” message here. Go back and find the note for this.
Step 5: Once this is complete, and both of the files are over to your memory card, unplug your memory card, and go over to your xbox. Plug in your memory card and boot up the xbox without a game inside of the tray, so it boots into the xbox dashboard.

Step 6: Transfer the files to your hard drive. For those who don’t know how to do this, on the standard xbox dashboard go to memory. Then when you’re in the menu, press left on the d-pad then press A to get into the memory card. Once your in the memory card and have found the files press the d-pad to the right to be able to copy the files. You must copy both files or it will not work!

Step 7: Now put in whatever game your using to make it work (007, Splinter Cell or Mechassult). Each has its own way of loading the files so ill tell you how to do it for each game.

Splinter Cell: Go to start game, click linux, then go and click checkpoints twice. The installer should now load up.

Mechassult: Go to campain, click run linux and it should load into the installer. Again when you have linux highlighted make sure the description is:
Controls: Normal
Difficulty: Regular
Current Level: Going Down Hard- if it isn’t it will not work.

007 Agent Under Fire: Go to load mission, then select the hard disk option, it should load the installer.

Step 8: You should now be in the installer. From here choose “Create MS backup”, this will make it so you can still have the old dashboard if you ever need to uninstall the softmod at anytime. You must do this or you wont be able to install the softmod, because it checks if you have made the backup.

Step 9: Now go to “Create EEPROM backup”. You must do this as well or the softmod will not install because it checks for one. After you click that a new menu will boot up. In that menu click “Create EEPROM backup”. When that is done click “Back to main menu”.

Step 10: Once the backups are made go down to install softmod. This is what you should choose for each menu (it goes in this order):
1: Click Dual Boot for NTSC or PAL (which ever one is for you, if you do not know, please contact someone for assistance)
2: Click Knaves Ndure, Open tray = Retail
3: Choose either the Installation for EvolutionX or UnleashX. I used UnleahshX and loved it, and I still use it now even though I have a mod chipped box. UnleashX is easier to use as well, but choose whatever you want.

Step 11: Three messages will pop up. After reading and understanding each, Press A. On the 3rd message, you will get this message: "All requirements pass. Continue Install?" Click Yes.

Step 12: After the installation is complete, you will get this message:
"Softmod successfully installed, your virtual EEPROM must be patched, after EEPROM, now you'll boot to installer"
That sentence did not make sense to me, so just press OK. Now a new message pops up:
"The installer will now boot to patching system after it is completed, please turn off Xbox and power back on without game disc to finish install."
Click YES.

Step 13: Wait till the bar at the bottem of the screen is full, then press eject and the xbox will turn off when the tray gets about half way out. Press eject again and take out the disk and turn off the xbox. Now power on with the normal power button. When it boots up, UnleashX will appear with a "Softmod Successful" message. It says that it needs 1 more step to finish the install. PRESS A.

Your xbox should now boot up and you should see the UnleashX (or Evolution-X) dashboard. Congrats! Your xbox is now softmodded!

Final notes:

1. MS Dash asking for Time
1. Set the proper date and time.
2. Let it go to the MS dash.
3. Load a game that has a campaign you can play
4. Play a campaign for a few minutes and then save it.
5. Eject the disc and let the MS dash load up
6. Hit the power button to turn it off
7. Hit the power button to turn it back on

that should fix your problem.

2. To disable softmod so you can go onto xbox live: turn on xbox with the eject button. Wait till the MS dashboard loads then put in your game. This is also so you can go to the normal dashboard at anytime. To start up your softmodded dashboard power on the box with the normal power button.

3. In your modded dashboard go to system and settings. In the network settings area turn the IP from Static to DHCP. This makes it auto detect your IP setting, you wont be able to go online or FTP if you don’t.

4.When the softmod is disabled NEVER start a xbox live troubleshooter, xbox live update, or go into one of the xbox live dashboard menus because this will mess up your xbox. It will make a error when you start up the old dash if you do this. If you do this then you must uninstall the softmod and put it back on again to fix the problem.

5. RED LED light = modded dash. GREEN LED light = MS dashboard. Never go onto xbox live when the light is RED, only when it’s green.

6. NEVER take the SID launcher and the game save off of the hard drive. This makes it so you can always recover if something goes wrong.

How to uninstall the softmod.
You will need the SID launcher file and the game save file on your hard drive still. You will also need the game you used to install it.

Step 1: Put the disk in and boot up the save game again.

Step 2: Now you’re in the installer menu again. Scroll down to uninstall and it will ask if you want to restore all files. Click YES.

Step 3: When it asks you if you want to restore all of the old files to your hard drive click YES. It should now turn off when it’s done (or you may have to). Then start up the xbox again and take out the disk. Turn it off and turn on with normal power button and now the softmods are off! You can put them back on after you do whatever you needed to take them off for (example: making a xbox live gamertag, or fixing a dashboard booting problem).

So there you go! That’s my tut for using SID to softmod your xbox. Post any questions here.

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Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:23 am   
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you should get this moved to the tutorial section... this is super easy for the newbies.. awesome job
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Post Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:18 am   
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I have made this a sticky so it will stay close to the top.

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Xbox-HQ Newbie
Xbox-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 9:11 pm   
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Nice to bad i came across this after 4 days of searching how to softmod this would have saved alot of time. Cool

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Joined: Apr 17, 2007
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Post Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 3:16 am   
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Your welcome Very Happy

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Xbox-HQ User
Xbox-HQ User

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Post Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:09 pm   
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after following the tutorial is it much of a hassle to change up to a bigger hd or is that out of the question?

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Joined: Feb 04, 2007
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Post Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:21 am   
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Got a vid tut here: http://www.360-hq.com/modules.php?name=Profile&op=myblog_view&blog_id=249&id=90842

If the xbox is not a 1.6 you can chimp it real simple but the 1.6 needs to use telnet install or xboxhdm and can be a bit of a pain.

On the bright side you know a place to get help. Wink

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