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This is basically just another little linux distro. Build for the special needs us xbox softmodders .. ::.

Original Xbox Download  xboxhdm Original Xbox Downloads
Author: Ldots
Release: 2005
Category: Xbox Linux
Page Views: 21,116

This is basically just another little linux distro. Build for the special needs us xbox softmodders have. I found the need for such a distro since the windows-based tools to access fatx-drives suck!

However, most people are not very familiar with linux - sad in my opinion but true. Therefore I include a tool in this distributions that automates most of the tasks when dealing with xbox HD management.

This package will let you create a bootable CD that can access and manipulate/rescue, clone and even rebuild working xbox HD's from scratch. I see this usefull for people who want to :
+ Upgrade their xbox with a larger HD (either by cloning or building from scratch)
+ rescue or rebuild a corrupt xbox HD.
+ Calculate the HD passwd for locked and unlocked HD's
+ Locks and unlocks HDD's with the password automatically calculated from the eeprom.
+ Can also set a Master Password (XBOXSCENE) when locking to allow an unlock later even without the eeprom or the user password.
+ Install the official softmod package including the audio and font hack, Evox and PBL 1.4.1.
You also have the option to make a patched copy of you MS dashboard to be run from Evox when using the font hack. Do not use this package is you do not have a kernel below 5530 and dashboard version 4920.This is meant to provide users without memcards or any of the exploitable games (MA,SC,007) with an easy to use softmod package.
+ have a stable package to access and delete, move, change files on the xbox HD.

An included program will also let you rebuild the C-drive alone, which could be very usefull if this has become corrupted, if you are in a clock loop and dont know how to manually restore the C-drive or if you need to downgrade the dashboard.

This is all done by letting you boot to a small live-linux with fatx support, like xlinux, but with so many more tools and options. Better hardware compatibility due to a updated kernel/syslinux and NTFS support are things to mention. Also from this CD you can boot to DOS and use HD lock/unlock tools.

Current Release: v1.9

Official Website: none

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