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User Interface X

user.interface.x (or UIX) is the new ''hacked/modified MS dashboard'' made by Team XboxDash.Net and .. ::.

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User Interface X
Author: TeamUIX
Release: 2005
Category: Dashboards
Page Views: 8,803

user.interface.x (or UIX) is the new 'hacked/modified MS dashboard' made by Team XboxDash.Net and Team BlackStormX - now called Team UIX. Only very few code is still left from Microsoft and future releases will probably be completely original material, from the scripts to the meshes and everything in between. Listed below are the new scriptable functions and objects now at your disposal, as well as descriptions/samples of each. They were made to be as simple as possible to use so you should have very little heartache implimenting them into your work. This release includes our last Microsoft menu to replace the very used up drop down style hard drive menus. We now give you one you have been waiting for since day 1... the memory menu. This is a user.interface.x exclusive, as is the brand new file manager :) Network runs on either static or dchp and yes - you can ftp while watching on movie on the dongle free dvd player. Config is fully handled in the settings menu, but for those of you who like editing files, everything is in a simple ini in system folder, there you can set your paths and names for menu listings as well as toggle the other goodies in there. Features: * Returned dpad to it's original functionality until such time as the extra controls are actually needed. also made Start and Back buttons no longer the same as A and B. Now OnStartDown, OnStartUp, OnBackDown, and OnBackUp can be used. by default they are scripted as music volume up(OnBackDown)/down(OnStartDown), and yes they repeat while holding the button * Added ability to make individual meshes render in wireframe... simple add 'wireFrame true' to the mesh DEF, default is false * Added launch and format back to ftp commands as well... * Added use of cache for menu items. added in save dir/cache. they're out of the way cuz there should be no need for an enduser to touch them. cache is created on first boot of uix and then all menu loads will be done from cache until a refresh (RefreshCache()) is called. this cuts the boot time down tremendously :) * Added to Config object a skin change function (ChangeSkin()). will reload all colors from new skin ini in realtime :) * Changed theHardDrive.GetThisFileSize( "*:pathfile.ext" ); to return file sizes in bytes. * New functions for "Settings" file: SetIniSection, SetIniValue, GetIniValue. * Scriptable functions for screen (TakeScreenShot, WireFrameStart/Stop, MotionStart/Stop). * More flexable use of theTranslator, new dir in app dir "Languages" containing .dat's (ini's) of all translatable vocabulary - max # of translatable entries is 1000. * Scriptable auto off time: SetAutoOffTime. * Scriptable power off and reboot: Reset, PowerOff, PowerCycle. * Scriptable informatives (internal/cpu temperatures, set/get fan speed, set led). * Scriptable screensaver times for start time, delay 2 time and delay 3 time. * Scriptable drive commands (open/close tray). * Separation of all axis/dpad scriptable control. * New Drive Mappings to follow existing norms. * New scriptable object "HardDrive" with functions: ExecuteFile, CopyGame, GetFreeSpace, GetTotalSpace, ConvertMBToGB, FileExists, GetThisFileSize, MoveThisFile, MoveThisDirectory, DeleteThisFile, DeleteThisDirectory, CopyThisFile, CopyThisDirectory, RenameThisFile, RenameThisDirectory, CreateThisDirectory, RemoveThisDirectory. * New scriptable object "TitleMenu" with functions: GetTitlePath, GetTitleID, SetPath, LaunchTitle, GetTitleName, SetMenuName, GetMenuName, titleCount. * Scriptable networking controls and variables via the XboxNetwork object with functions: StartServices, StopServices, ReStartServices, StartFTPServices, StopFTPServices, ReStartFTPServices, SetXboxIP, SetXboxSubnet, SetXboxGateway, GetXboxIP, GetXboxGateway, GetXboxSubnet, GetLinkStatus, GetLinkType. Current Release: v00.01.00

Official Website: here

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link published on 2005-01-04 23:03:57
User Interface X XBE Replacement
link published on 2005-01-04 22:01:29
User Interface X (01.03.05)
link published on 2005-01-04 21:59:26
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