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Curly Monsters Ltd.
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Curly Monsters Ltd.
Curly Monsters Ltd. is an independent game production studio dedicated to producing visually exciting, high-quality, action-based console games for Xbox. The company currently employs nine staff members with more than 70 years of game development experience between them and believes that a small, skilled and highly focused team can produce better quality, more efficiently. Founded in 1998, Curly Monsters Ltd. is based in Birkenhead in the northwest of England.

Location: Birkenhead, England
Website: http://www.curlymonsters.com

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Quantum Redshift

    Quantum Redshift
“Quantum Redshift” puts gamers in command of the most extreme, hyperspeed racing machines that travel in excess of 650 mph and are able to interact with the terrain. As players progress, they unlock not only new characters but also new speeds (fi..

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