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WXP Inc.

Game development studio located in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle,...

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WXP Inc.

Location: Seattle, WA

Game development studio located in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle, Washington. The team creates interactive virtual worlds for entertainment platforms including motion simulator attractions, next-generation game consoles and 3D accelerated PCs. WXP's clients include Walt Disney Imagineering, Sierra Studios, and nVidia. Over the past six years the company has grown from a small two-person company to a medium size development studio with 25 team members. WXP's staff hails from a variety of top-tier development companies including Nintendo, Zipper Interactive, Mircrosoft, Monolith, Crave Entertainment, KnowWonder, RipCord Games, Zombie, and Looking Glass Studios.

Official Site: http://wxp3d.com/

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Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball MAX'D

Building on the intense speed of Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball, a 2004 sleeper hit with more than 100,000 registered players on Xbox Live, the new title will feature gameplay enhancements including breakout play calling, multiplayer split-scree..

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

As the Third Age comes to a close, the lands of Middle-earth are beset by the forces of Sauron, the Dark Lord. Taking a new shape within the confines of Mordor, he will soon unleash his armies of terror against the Free Peoples: noble Elves, sturd..
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