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See ya on Sunday (Pacific Standard Time)06-11-2004schirmk0
New survey06-09-2004schirmk0
Modding via trillian06-08-2004schirmk0
1 week without Xbox06-07-2004schirmk0
The possibility of going bigger06-07-2004schirmk0
I'm done with College!06-04-2004schirmk0
March Competition03-04-2004schirmk0
Grand Theft Auto01-06-2004schirmk0
Happy New Year01-01-2004schirmk0
V.I.P. Member

Seattle, WA
last online April 25, 2005
member since Aug 09, 2003

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 About me
Location: Seattle, WA
Xbox Version: Xbox V1.0
Xbox Mod: Chameleon
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