GTA VI: Can we expect a release when the new Xbox Series X launches in holiday
Date: Monday, August 17 @ 03:23:43 UTC
Topic: Xbox Gaming

With the highly anticipated Series X is the 4th generation of Xbox’s, and this is quite easily the one with the largest amount of hype around it. The most powerful console yet, multiple compatible and arguably most impressive bit of technology ever released in the gaming world. But for the console to show its true power and impressive nature, it needs a game to go along side it; and what better than the Grand Theft Auto series.


GTA has always been an impressive series; hours of endless missions, heists, side missions and even your own characters personal entertainment including sports, social events and even gambling and casinos. Wanting to emulate your players kind of fun in real like casinos and slots – look no further than these Sites Not Blocked By Gamstop – you can find them here. Much like GTA, there’s hours of fun to be had and when in casinos with zero restricted on your gambling. 

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