Pre-order Battlefield 4 To Receive a Pair of Real Dog Tags?
Date: Tuesday, March 26 @ 10:17:30 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Chinese website Gamersky has leaked an image of an EB Games poster which reveals the "Battlefield 4" release date and exclusive pre-order bonus. Pre-order Battlefield 4 and receive "a pair of real Battlefield 4 dog tags while supplies last". Huh?

Battlefield 4 (BF4) pre-order dogtags

The leaked poster lists a fall 2013 release date for Battlefield 4. Three new teaser trailers for BF4 titled "Prepare 4 Battle:Sea", "Prepare 4 Battle: Land" and "Prepare 4 Battle: Air" have already been released, along with a bunch of key art images which we have attached for just after the break. The poster sure sounds legit, especially the dog tags. That's something the community has been discussing for quite some time now.

Will you be pre-ordering Battlefield 4? I know I will if the pre-order bonuses are real dog tags! Check out the latest set of key art of Battlefield 4 just after the break and don't forget to add BF4 to your wishlist. Oh, and if you missed the official Battlefield 4 Teaser trailers you can view them here.

Battlefield 4, the next entry in the explosive first-person shooter series, will be official unveiled tomorrow Tuesday, March 26 at this years Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Until then, browse through all of 360-HQ's coverage via the games database and stay tuned for all the latest news as it arrives via our official 360-HQ Twitter, Google+, Facebook and YouTube channels!

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