Mass Effect 3 Preparing for Launch
Date: Wednesday, February 29 @ 07:02:35 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

To celebrate the launch of the most anticipated game of 2012, the PWNED team are taking fans to the very heart of the Mass Effect phenomenon.

BioWare founders, Dr Ray Muzyka and Dr Greg Zeschuk, talk to Sian and Matt about their journey from developing early games like Baldur’s Gate to the likes of Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. They also explain the Mass Effect Universe and what players can expect from the latest installment.

Also in this edition, Matt goes behind the scenes with Fem-Shep actress, Jennifer Hale, and Ali Hillis (the voice for Liara), with both discussing how they bring their skills and experience to playing characters that gamers won’t forget.

Fans will also enjoy Bioware Producer, Mike Gamble, talking about how the Mass Effect universe is evolving as players start part 3 and what may come from the series in the future. As a special treat there is also a sneaky peek at the game’s live commercial.

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