HQ Tutorial Viewer v1.0.2 released!
Date: Wednesday, February 22 @ 04:42:23 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

X_Splinter has released the first version of the "HQ Tutorial Viewer", a free all-in-one Xbox 360 tutorials application for your PC, powered by 360-HQ.COM.

The "HQ Tutorial Viewer" is an All-in-one Xbox 360 tutorials application. Written in VB.net (by X_Splinter), this portable application is powered by the on-line tutorial database of 360-hq.com. Instead of browsing through the 200 tutorials that are available via the database, this application will help you open the tutorial that you need with a simple click of your mouse.

Discuss the HQ Tutorial viewer in our official 360-HQ forum thread/topic here and don't forget to check out the video. A complete list of our existing tutorials can be found here.

Download: here
Official Site: HQ Tutorial Viewer

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