Binary Domain Demo out now on Xbox LIVE and PSN
Date: Friday, February 17 @ 08:40:54 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

The demo for the soon-to-be-released third person squad-based shooter Binary Domain is now available to download from Xbox LIVE for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Network for PS3.

The demo allows players to sample Binary Domain's voice-command system, which is optional, and also allows the player to have "more natural dialogue with their allies", SEGA says.

Content: Binary Domain (demo)
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Download the demo today to have the chance to play Binary Domain. As the lines start to blur between man and machine, you must enter into 2080 Tokyo, fight your way thought their robotic defences and find who is creating highly advanced humanoids that are beginning to infiltrate society undetected. The machine age has begun…

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"Binary Domain" will launch on February 28th in North America. Check out all of 360-HQ's previous coverage of the game by visiting the games hub/database.

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