File Manager for Homebrew Xbox 360 Released - Carnage Manager v0.3
Date: Tuesday, February 14 @ 08:13:13 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

HungryBob has released the latest version of his Xbox 360 File System Manager for Xbox 360 Homebrew enabled consoles. Carnage Manager is available on the HQ VIP FTP Server.

File system manager for Xbox 360 Homebrew console (XEX executable). On 360 press BACK button for brief controls help.

  • all standard file/directory operations copy/delete/mkdir
  • multitasking - can do something while files copying...
  • background tasks cancelable
  • unpacking of RAR archives - UNRAR library version 3.9.10 ported to 360.
  • classic double panel user interface

VIP members can download "Carnage Manager v0.3" via our VIP FTP Server. More info on accessing the server can be found here. General downloads can be found here.

If you'd like to become a HQ VIP member please use your existing 360-HQ.COM username and password to login to our official website and donate to become a VIP here from $5.

File Size: 9.97 MB
VIP Download: here
360-HQ Homebrew: Carnage Manager

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