Syndicate Co-op Demo ready to go on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Date: Saturday, February 04 @ 09:49:10 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

A free multi-player demo for Syndicate, a re-imagination of the classic 1993 game, is now available for download via Xbox LIVE for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Network for PS3.

"Syndicate" blends fast paced action and futuristic settings with innovative chip breach gameplay to provide a unique and brutal sci-fi first person shooter experience. The downloadable demo features 4-player co-op mode and weighs in at 723.61 MB. Check out some of our previous coverage for Syndicate by visiting the 360-HQ games hub linked below.

Content: Syndicate (Co-op Demo)
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Syndicate is a cyber punk FPS set in a dystopian world where large Syndicates rule and Business is War. In the 4-player co-op demo, team-up to take down rival Syndicate Cayman Global. Blast your way in and utilize your military grade DART6 chip to breach enemies and the environment as you battle for market dominance and your life. Some takeovers are more hostile than others.

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File Size: 723.61 MB
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