Xbox LIVE Black Friday Deals are GO!
Date: Wednesday, November 24 @ 00:37:57 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Most places have Black Friday deals that last for one-day only. Today, Microsoft have announced that you’ll need almost a full week to get in on the savings with all the Black Friday deals on offer via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The following prices are available for BOTH Xbox LIVE Gold and Free members*.

Game Add-Ons/DLC
TitleRegular PriceBlack Friday
Splinter Cell Conviction Deniable Ops: Insurgency800 MSP400 MSP
Alan Wake The Signal560 MSP320 MSP
Trials HD The Big Pack 400 MSP240 MSP
Rock Band 3 - Lady Gaga Pack 01560 MSP280 MSP
Rock Band 3 - Nirvana Pack 01
880 MSP640 MSP
Rock Band 3 - Nirvana Pack 02440 MSP240 MSP

TitleRegular PriceBlack Friday
Monkey Island: Special Edition800 MSP400 MSP
Monkey Island 2 800 MSP400 MSP
Puzzle Quest 21200 MSP800 MSP
Serious Sam TSE /td>1200 MSP600 MSP
Zombie Apocalypse800 MSP400 MSP
Portal: Still Alive1200 MSP400 MSP
VooDoo Dice800 MSP400 MSP
Mega Man 10800 MSP400 MSP
VooDoo Dice800 MSP400 MSP
Magic the Gathering800 MSP400 MSP
Madden NFL Arcade800 MSP400 MSP

TitleRegular PriceBlack Friday
Secret of Monkey Island - Cotton Swab160 MSP80 MSP
Fantasy Pets - Red Dragon240 MSP120 MSP
Lara Croft - Xolotl Mask160 MSP80 MSP
Gears 3 - COG Armor320 MSP160 MSP
Street Fighter – Dudley Outfit320 MSP160 MSP
Street Fighter - Chun Li Outfit320 MSP160 MSP
Diesel Matic 8B3 Jeans160 MSP80 MSP
Diesel Viker 8A7 Jeans160 MSP80 MSP
Quicksilver Fuze Flannel Shirt160 MSP80 MSP
Roxy Enough Said Woven Shirt160 MSP80 MSP

Video Content (US Only)
TitleRegular PriceBlack Friday
Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore1200 MSP720 MSP
Clash of the Titans1200 MSP720 MSP
Cop OutLara Croft - Xolotl Mask1200 MSP720 MSP
The Losers1200 MSP720 MSP
Sex and the City 21200 MSP720 MSP
300800 MSP380 MSP
Batman: Gotham Knight800 MSP380 MSP
Goodfellas800 MSP380 MSP
Michael Clayton800MSP380 MSP
P.S. I Love You800 MSP380 MSP
RocknRolla800 MSP380 MSP
Twister800 MSP380 MSP
Unforgiven800 MSP380 MSP

These savings are available until November 29th. *All content may not be available in all Xbox LIVE regions

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