Rock Band 3 DEMO Out Now for Xbox 360
Date: Saturday, November 06 @ 12:16:42 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Take your band to a whole new level with the new Rock Band 3 demo. Weighing in at roughly 638 MB the new Rock Band 3 demo is now available to download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Check your region for availability.

Content: Rock Band 3
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability for your region
Dash Text: Full game includes: 83 epic on-disc rock songs from every genre. Pro Instruments Become a Pro on Pro Guitar, advanced drums with cymbals, or keyboards.* Career Track your successes and round out your rock n roll career. Vocal Harmonies Prove your true skill as a singer; up to three vocalists at a time can harmonize! Road Challenges -- Try your hand at special gig challenges to find out if your band can make it on the road. Get More Songs Currently access to over 2000 tracks through the Rock Band platform. Much more! * Rock Band 3 Pro mode requires Pro mode compatible Rock Band controllers, each sold separately.

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