Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week - Arcade Games, Pet Items
Date: Tuesday, November 02 @ 17:16:21 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can save on the following list of Xbox LIVE Action Arcade games and Pet Themed items.

As an Xbox LIVE Gold member, you get an Exclusive Gold Only Discount on a piece of content each week. It could be your favorite arcade game, a classic Xbox original, or even that map pack or that new song you have been looking to buy. With your favorite content going on sale each week just imagine how much you can save!

Deals are available for Xbox LIVE Gold members until Monday, November 8th.

TitleRegular PriceDeal Price
Snoopy Flying Ace800 MSP400 MSP
Risk: Factions800 MSP400 MSP
Blade Kitten1200 MSP600 MSP
Pug Dog (Pets)240 MSP160 MSP
Cat (Pets - black cat)240 MSP160 MSP

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